Jaguar launches new podcast UTOPIA Talks discussing issues in dance music

House | Thursday 24th June 2021 | Arren

Jaguar is to launch a new podcast focusing on topical issues facing millennials & Gen Z within dance music and beyond.

One of the most exciting and empowering voices in dance music, Jaguar will be hosting her own podcast UTOPIA Talks. In it, the DJ and broadcaster, along with special guests including The Blessed Madonna, Sherelle and Jayda G, will debate on some of the issues in the dance music industry. Each episode will be an extended, unfiltered and unscripted discussion with the industry’s most passionate and sharpest minds. Her aim? To create a more inclusive, equal world within dance music and beyond.

Dance music has rapidly become one of the most loved music forms in the world. It boasts a loyal fan base and includes many various groups and scenes. UTOPIA Talks will be a new platform for engagement between the artists and listeners with a shared passion and will help inspire future generations to celebrate the diversity of dance music.

Speaking on her new project, Jaguar said: "I’m delighted to bring my podcast UTOPIA Talks into the world! My generation is passionate about creating change and breaking boundaries, and this podcast is a space for in-depth, meaty conversations abouts issues in dance music culture and the wider world. I’m excited about having a platform to give my generation a voice, and I hope it becomes a cornerstone to young music lovers and artists."

The podcast will be weekly and kick starts on June 30th with 'The Return To Raving' with special guests; Heidi, The Blessed Madonna, Jayda G and more, you can listen here.

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