LISTEN | NOVA CHEQ sets it off in latest EP 'FCK.GOV.UK'

Other | Friday 21st May 2021 | Arren

NOVA CHEQ drops an explosive EP, sticking two fingers up at genre classification.

Leeds-based artist, NOVA CHEQ lands on the revered label Hooversound with a fiery EP. Entitled 'FCK.GOV.UK' it’s a five-tracker of high energy bangers, wilfully ignoring the genre constructs artists find themselves bound to. Throughout the release NOVA CHEQ bounces between styles to formulate his tracks and create something that’s both ear catching and distinctly unique.

Chopped up samples, head shattering breaks, donks and footwork strains are all glued together. These are tracks designed that are club ready and will undoubtedly set the clubs off. Their unique appeal is the fact they aren’t a techno track, or a jungle track. They sit in their own field, laughing at the concept of genres.

From opener 'FCK.GOV.UK', a not-so-subtle dig at the UK government, through to 'NN hardcore', this is an example of genius; back to back pure power for the people. NOVA CHEQ discusses how he wants his music to serve as a sonic distraction from our day-to-day problems, provide a form of reassurance and escape, and he has fully achieved that in this record. The release also features a savage remix of 'NN hardcore' from Glasgow-based Nightwave who transforms the track inoto a hi-BPM rave banger.

NOVA CHEQ’s new EP, 'FCK.GOV.UK' is out now on Hooversound - Buy/stream

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