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Drum and Bass | Tuesday 18th May 2021 | Arren

Following the release of their slamming Majesty EP on Dispatch we’ve got a fine selection of tunes from it’s creators; Battery & Philth.

Knocking their heads together for the latest Dispatch Recordings release are the formidable forces of Battery & Philth. Together they fixed up the 'Majestic' EP, an epic trip across their shared sound. Working together in person and focusing on a hands-on, analogue hardware first approach - they’ve created an EP which is filled to the brim with vibes, good energy and solid production.

Rather than just making four dancefloor focused tracks, they’ve doused the project with their influences that extend way beyond the drum & bass history books. Samples from a plethora of music spaces have made their way into the tracks, from 80s pop, jazz, hip-hop, film soundtracks, classic house & techno and crunchy jungle breaks. All these inspirations filter down through the EP and create four tracks that’ll capture the attention of even the most die hard drum & bass heads.

Setting things off with the EP's title track, 'Majesty'. It's atmospheric spacey intro quickly turns on its head with a dark bassline whipping up the energy levels before a slamming broken beat hits hard. Following up is the elegant rolling sounds of 'Ambra', flexing light piano chords, floating vocals and a humming bassline gelling the track together. Taking things back down a darker route is 'Poseidon'. This one's a proper head spinner with growling bass tones, rapid fire kick drums and some brain scattering percussion. Closing off the EP is 'For Real'. Coming in hard with a broken beat, body morphing bass tones and the famed vocal sample. 

Marking the release Battery & Philth got together again for us to create us a incredible selection of tunes for our latest playlist. Across ten tracks they go through some of the inspirational tracks that helped make the 'Majesty' EP. Speaking on their ten selections they said: "For this playlist we’ve followed the same approach as when writing the 'Majesty' EP – looking outside modern DnB for inspiration, we pooled our wider influences and brought them into the studio sessions, sometimes literally as samples and in the sounds and techniques used to create the music. All three of us spend our time outside of the studio listening to music across the spectrum, and our solo listening led to the palette the EP is made from, we all came to the studio with ideas and samples sourced from across the world of music."

They continue: "We love 80’s music, and during the summer sessions we would hit the park for lunch taking a picnic, beers and a portable speaker. Madonna featured heavily in our listening, and 'Easy Lover' is the ultimate party starter from that era. Other picks in our playlist touch on the influence that soundtracks, folk, jazz, house and early rave music have had on our music careers. We also selected some seminal DnB classics that demonstrate the range of moods on the EP – the deep, emotive pull and techno arrangements of Marcus Intalex; the tearing Reeses and raw energy of Bad Company; and the heavyweight drums and bass of Dillinja, who shaped the early careers of Battery and whose Valve samples were used in the making of Majesty, which feature Dillinja’s trademark breaks made from him personally playing drums."

Live To Tell - Madonna

Crunch - Dillinja

Easy Lover - Philip Bailey & Phil Collins

Dark Beaches - Junkie XL

Tears (Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie) - Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie

Lose Control (2020 Remaster) - Marcus Intalex & ST Files

Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell

Lock Up (2012 Remaster) - Zero B

Love Song (feat. Prince) - Madonna

Nitrous - Bad Company UK

Battery & Philth's EP together, 'Majesty' is out now exclusively on Bandcamp/Spotify ahead of it's full release on May 28th - Buy/stream

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