Guestlist | Playlist: Rachel Foxx & Joss Ryan (UK Garage special)

House | Wednesday 28th April 2021 | Arren

Rachel Foxx & Joss Ryan land on Guestlist with a killer selection of UKG, and we couldn’t be happier.

Joining us this week with a killer playlist is London soulstress Rachel Foxx and her long time producer/collaborator Joss Ryan. They recently dropped a sick three tracked EP together; 'Never Say Never'. It’s firmly rooted deep in UKG history with classic basslines, kicks and nostalgic horns blended with futuristic synths. Each track has a unique vibe but all are guaranteed to set things off. 

It’s just their latest works together that follow Rachel’s last EP 'FLUORESCENT'. On it was Joss Ryan's massive garage remix of her track 'Progress' featuring Capo Lee. Following the remix's success both decided to look further down the UK garage route together. The end result is the 'Never Say Never' EP which we've been gassing over since first hearing. Recently they've both have been making waves in the industry, with Rachel Foxx appearing on Reprezent FM and seeing her COLORS show hitting the 1 million milestone. Joss Ryan has been busy in the studio and has seen support from Benji B, Plastician and Mary Ann Hobbs.

However right now they’re celebrating their latest EP, and for good reason. Joss’ slick production creates the perfect garage backdrop for Rachel Foxx to elevate with her eloquent, smoothing vocals. It's a slight shift from the Hackney-based vocalists normal sound of R&B, but she absolutely smashed the word play over Joss' bass thumping garage beats. Marking the release, they’ve compiled a banging selection of garage beats. See the selections below or find them on Spotify.

Rachel Foxx selects:

Joyrider (YTribe’s Underground Remix) - Colour Girl & YTribe

"Oooh! This song just reminds me of my aunt's back in the day when I used to go and stay with them. They would play it while I was getting ready for school so this is very nostalgic for me."

Days Like This (Spinna & Ticklah Mix) - Shaun Escoffery

"This song reminds me of the summer so much, I'm a summer child so I really connect with the soulful vocals and production."

Little Man (Exemen Works) - Sia, Wookie & Exemen

"First of all, this is a classic! I feel like this song could be looped 1,000 times and you'd never get tired of it."

Battle - Wookie & Lian

"I used to listen to this song when I was sad because it made me feel better. The lyrics stand out to me in this one, they're really relatable."

Closer Than Close (Mentor UK Edit) - Rosie Gains & Hippy Torrales

"One of my favourites. I actually covered this on the live lounge at Radio 1 for the piano sessions with Huw Stevens! It was a special moment for me and this song brings back that feeling."

Joss Ryan selects:

Main Vibe - Todd Edwards presents The Messenger

"This is one of the first tunes I heard from Todd Edwards and I just love how dark and mysterious it sounded! The vocal chops are crazy and the bass line has to be up there as one of the catchiest."

Bax - Mosca

"I played this song in almost every set I did! The way it drops always got the dance fully energised, the bass is super weighty."

Has It Come To This? - The Streets

"I remember hearing this song for the first time and feeling a bit uneasy because I'd never heard anything like it before. The production is so raw and unusual, it really inspired me to use a wider range of samples & sounds."

Never Gonna Let You Go - Tina Moore

"The way the vocals sound almost auto-tuned in the intro is sooooo sick! I love the jazzy chords and that classic organ sound, still a big inspiration for me to this day."

Both select:

Show Me Your Love - Rachel Foxx & Joss Ryan

"This was the first song we did that ended up on the EP, and combines all the elements of what we love about UK garage in one track. We really wanted it to be a modern love letter to garage music, and although it was a bit out of our comfort zones at first it ended up being a really natural direction for us."

Rachel Foxx & Joss Ryan’s latest EP 'Never Say Never' is out now - Buy/stream