DJ Zinc shares production hints and tips in AIAIAI video

Drum and Bass | Monday 26th April 2021 | Arren

DJ Zinc reveals some of his secrets behind his music making in a video for AIAIAI.

The legendary DJ Zinc is the latest artist to take part in Danish headphone brand, AIAIAI’s video series 'My Process With'. Joining them for their second episode, the London-based producer delves deep into his production process, and reveals his perfect breakbeat.

Speaking in plain terms on the art of music creation, revealing how he combines the modern technology with his old skool know-how with plenty of advice and tips for producers at all levels. Recorded at a local London cafe, Zinc recalls how he came to make some of his most memorable sounds and big ups today’s technology for breaking down barriers in the music production process. The whole thing was directed by Ben Holman for Beija Films, with creative direction from Benji B. They'll be more episodes soon.

Speaking about his video, Zinc said: "'My Process' was an opportunity for me to sit back, reflect, and go a bit deeper on my approach to music production and career. I also wanted to get across how there are “no excuses” when it comes to making music now; that high barrier in terms of equipment and studio space no longer exists, and there’s no obstacle between inspiration and execution".

He’s the second artist to take part in the series, following the multi-awarding winning saxophonist and composer, Nubya Garcia. Zinc himself is a well regarded artist in his own right. He cut his teeth with the early jungle drum & bass sound before making waves in the breakbeat scene before establishing a new sound, 'Crunk House'. These days you can expect pretty much anything to come from him, his signature bass sounds know no bounds.

DJ Zinc
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