Guestlist | Playlist: E-leven (4 20 Special)

House | Tuesday 20th April 2021 | Arren

London-based techno artist E-leven shares his top tunes to light up with.

Like many of us, rapidly rising techno-head E-leven likes the odd spliff here and there. Marking the stoners holiday, 4 20 he’s compiled us a selection of sick tracks to light up with. Putting the hard techno he’s been turning heads with aside, he digs through his collection to share these gems.

Over the past few months, E-leven has been steadily growing with a stream of hard-hitting techno cuts slamming into the scene. Taking things down the rugged industrial route, his fast-paced dancefloor slammers have been going off on the live-streams. Several EPs and singles have been gaining wide support and his track 'Boot Strap Paradoxwas picked up by Belgium techno icon Amelie Lens as part of her BBC Radio 1 Residency.

Today thought, he’s taking a break from the rough beats and kicking back. Celebrating 4 20 the best way he knows, with some tunes. He shares a selection of the tunes he’ll be banging out today with us. Speaking on the selections he said: "The vibe carried by this playlist is definitely a chilled one. One which arises in moments of relaxation, like when sitting down on soft grass under the sunshine in a lovely park, with a joint in hand."

'Albatross' - Fleetwood Mac

"This track simply reminds me of lying down on a really sunny beach, sipping cocktails and smoking doobies in this half-asleep half-conscious state where every time I look up and open my eyes slightly, all I can see is the calming blue of the sea."

'Song Of The Wind' - Santana

"This track takes you on a psychedelic journey through sounds and colours. The bright keyboards in the background and the distorted guitar solos create a huge engulfing positive energy. When possible, I've listened to it with my eyes closed, letting all the different sounds spark different colours in my imagination, kind of like an ongoing colourful but abstract animation."

'Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I - IX)' - Pink Floyd

"This track is just a phenomenal journey through space and time. I genuinely believe that, if listened to with great focus, this track will get you higher than you already are."

'Little Girl Blue' - Janis Joplin

"This one has nostalgia for days. I think most people can relate to it in different ways, whether as a means for reconnecting with certain memories or as a way to gain comfort from a familiar voice. Personally, I've always found it to be a feel-good song which can really help tone down the mood when needed."

'Payaka Way' - Groundation

"I find this track to be perfect for doing things at a slow pace. It reminds me of a slow mellow dance. The incredibly fat and slow groove makes my whole body want to swing from side to side. The way the track switches from minor to major key and back makes it feel as if there's a deeper meaning to the track."

For when you’re less stoned, check out E-leven’s latest EP 'Sweelinkplein' out now via Jahanam - Download/stream

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