Guestlist | Playlist: D-Flex

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 6th April 2021 | Arren

D-Flex drops our latest playlist of tracks - and they’re bangers.

For someone who’s not long been on the production tip, D-Flex has already shaken things up. In his brief time he’s seen his tracks release on a range of platforms including Lifestyle Music, Deep In The Jungle and Bites. He makes gritty, bass-face inducing cuts designed to mash up the dance. Later on this month he’s set to drop his latest fire on the fast growing Pick The Lock, delivering a sub shaking four tracker.

For his first appearance on the label, he lands with the 'I Never Knew' EP. Opening with the title track, D-Flex wastes no time in setting the tone with a beastly track seamlessly trending the line between jump up and bone shattering minimality. Stepping up next with a rugged riddim is 'I Want You To Know', with its beefy rolling bass and occasional brain scattering slurges. Keeping the ball rolling is 'So Close' with a unique blend of sounds and samples before dropping in with punchy bass hits kept in line with tight drums. Rounding off the EP is 'Together', once again a masterclass in minimalistic jump up with face-melting sounds continuously hitting you.

The EP due for release on April 16th is just the latest in gully riddims from this rapidly rising producer. By tapping into the much loved minimum sound with the jump up edge that’s coming to dominate the scene’s underground right now - he’s sorted four serious tracks that all are guaranteed to cause carnage on the floors. Ahead of the EP’s release, D-Flex has pulled out some beats from his bag. Crank that bass up high are these are some serious sub shakers!

'The Gill Man' - Nick The Lot

"So ever since I’ve heard of Nick The Lot he’s been up there for me, his track 'The Gill Man' really does something to me. Everything literally places perfectly!"

'Tisno' - Kings of the Rollers

"'Tisno' is such a beautiful tune, hits you right in the feels and makes you think of the good times. Who can fault Serum, Voltage and Bladerunner?!"

'Shella (Halogenix Remix)' - Kings of the Rollers feat. Chimpo

"Halogenix’s remix of 'Shella' is a new one but damnnnn he smashed it! The original is good enough but then Halogenix comes through with his unique twist for the remix with Chimpo's vocals... BANGER!"

'Naughty Bastards' - Benny L

"Well what can I say really, it’s Benny L. He’s just too much, no one does it like him."

'Touch Me' - Rui Da Silva

"And for the last one, Rui Da Silva’s 'Touch Me' has been my favourite tune of all time from any genre and I’m not even sure why, it just hits differently."

D-Flex latest EP 'I Never Knew' is due out on April 16th on Pick The Lock, follow their Facebook for updates.

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