Guestlist | Playlist: Paul T & Edward Oberon

Drum and Bass | Monday 22nd March 2021 | Arren

Paul T & Edward Oberon have come to mash up our playlist feature.

We’ve bagged ourselves a heavy selection of tunes from the massive drum & bass duo, Paul T & Edward Oberon. Signed to the legendary V Recordings, they’ve been consistent players in the scene hammering out countless tunes with their unique formula of drum & bass that’s been setting clubs off for years. They came together after working on their own solo projects, both holding beefy discographies with tunes on labels including Spearhead, Dispatch and Good Looking. But the real magic happened when they came together, honing their shared love for the Bristol Bass sound, classic jungle and a little Brazilian flare - it wasn’t long before they were turning the biggest heads in drum & bass with countless singles, EPs and remixes in their arsenal.

Continuing to grow year on year, 2021 looks set to be no different with a new album on the way! Already so far they’ve featured on the huge remix package of T.R.A.C’s 'Life In' album with their gritty rolling remix of 'Bad Bonus'. Following that the duo dropped their huge first album single, 'Somewhere Else' from their forthcoming 'Strange Days' coming later this year. The record’s screechy drop with punchy bass tones works in stark contrast to it’s melodic opening and interlude with it’s uplifting chords and soulful lyrical works - definitely takes you somewhere else.

With restrictions potentially lifting soon, and summer just round the corner it won’t be long till it’s causing damage on the floors and fields here. But until then, we got the brains behind the madness to fix us up a banging selection of tunes and seriously they’ve out done themselves. Five of the sickest drum & bass tracks right now are featured. So crack up the bass and smash these out, your neighbours will love it.

'What It Was' - Waeys

"We're happy to have received this one from Waeys in our inbox. This has regularly found its way into our live sets. Nothing quite like techy style breaks and a tidy, rolling wobble to get the dancefloor moving."

'Plains' - Hexa

"Hexa has a very interesting sound. We love this tune and its various elements. The rolling vibe and the continual movement of the hook with the classic house sample works very well. This standout track is a pleaser to say the least."

'Cut and Shut' - Serum

"CUT AND SHUT!! Dubby and Wobbling. You have to love the old skool breaks and samples that hold this track together all wrapped up in one of the most interesting basslines to come out in years. This one brings the vibes front and centre. Shout out to Serum. Keep an eye out for another collaboration between us on our forthcoming album 'Strange Days'."

'Mind & Soul' - Alibi & MC Fox

"We love this slick and techy vibe from label mates Alibi and the smooth vocals from MC Fox. Synths and reece in full effect here. Vibes through and through. This track takes you on a journey all whilst keeping you moving."

'Broken Home' - Dogger X Mindstate X Liam Bailey

"Broken Home. A great, musically driven vocal track here with all the feeling of a classic. Dogger, Mindset, and lush vocals from Liam Bailey, we've met these talented guys a while back and they were top fellas very, humble."

Paul T & Edward Oberon's first single 'Somewhere Else' taken from their forthcoming album 'Strange Days' is out now on V Recordings - Buy/stream

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