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Drum and Bass | Tuesday 23rd February 2021 | Arren

We’ve a banging selection of acid-heavy tracks, courtesy of GEST.

GEST are back, and rinsing things out with their latest record, 'Inertia' on Shogun Audio. In a stark contrast to the name, it’s a rapid roller brandishing the classic Roland TB-303 sound giving the track an industrial/acid edge that we can’t get enough of.

It’s the duo’s latest single under their new guise of GEST. Previously they smashed the scene as Gerra & Stone. Evolution in sound is the key here, with a deeper look into their influences beyond drum & bass, and this single is the best offering yet. Their solid knowledge behind making an upfront drum & bass banger has slipped in perfectly with the classic sounds of Detroit techno and electro in this track, making a standout track in sets.

Following the track’s recent release following from the duo’s previous bangers in 2020, we felt it was only fitting for a playlist feature from the guys. Speaking on their selections the Shogun signees said: "Our latest single ‘Inertia’ heavily features the classic acid sounds of the 303. So we thought it was appropriate to put together 5 acid tracks from different genres and eras that helped inspire that sound".

Strap down those speaks, as these tracks bang hard.

'Come Here' - Jonny L

"We can remember first hearing this track on Marcus Intalex’s Fabriclive mix back in 2008. It’s such a great example of a 303 style bass at 170bpm, so simple and smooth but so powerful when the sub kicks in. We’ve been hunting for a digital copy for years to incorporate in our live sets but yet to find it!"

'Are You There' - Josh Wink

"One of the all time classic acid tunes from a true pioneer. It has to be one of our all time favourite 303 tracks, such an infectious but cheeky hook and of course, the amen break. The Ben Klock remix is also fantastic."

'Falling Acid' - Tin Man

"Tin Man has an amazing knack for squeezing so much emotion out of the Roland 303. This is a super dubbed out track that shows the softer side of the sound and how versatile it can be in the right hands."

'CatDog' - Optical

"This track is about as hectic as they come from one of the most legendary artists in drum & bass. Optical neatly incorporates a huge acid lead line in amongst his trademark heavily modulated d&b basslines."

'Acid Modo' - Reus

"This is a real modern acid workout! We always find ourselves pretending to twist the knobs of an imaginary synth when listening. We love how the 303 is pushed to the front of the mix which gives it so much rowdy energy and raw character."

GEST’s new track Inertia is out now on Shogun Audio - Buy/stream

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