Ian Weatherall & Duncan Gray pay musical tribute to the great Andrew Weatherall

House | Wednesday 17th February 2021 | Arren

Ian Weatherall & Duncan Gray release their tribute record for the late and great Andrew Weatherall.

It was a year ago since we lost the musical genius Andrew Weatherall. In tribute to him, his brother Ian Weatherall and friend Duncan Gray have released a special track to mark the occasion. Landing on Andrew’s Rotter’s Golf Club the record comes with remixes from David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood and Sean Johnston as Hardway Bros. The release perfectly pays homage to his rich musical heritage and will send all proceeds from the sales to Andrew’s partner and Thrombosis UK.

Ian Weatherall and Duncan Gray have been producing together for twenty years under the banner of The Sons of Slough. Andrew was an avid supporter of their music, supporting their records and helping Duncan establish his Tici Taci label. They shared a mutual respect of the infamous Factory Records, of which’s influence is immeasurable on all of their musical careers.

Together they spent much of the 80s travelling to see the label’s artists including of course New Order. In an ode to their shared heritage and in tribute to Andrew’s impact, Ian and Duncan have reworked New Order’s 'In a Lonely Place'. The end result is a highly personal reflection on their shared times, fond memories and musical spirit.

Ian Weatherall and Duncan Gray’s tribute record to Andrew Weatherall, 'In A Lonely Place' is out now on Rotter’s Golf Club - Buy/stream