Blame's previously unreleased dubplates are coming on vinyl

Drum and Bass | Thursday 11th February 2021 | Arren

Drum and bass legend, Blame will be dropping his old exclusive dubplates.

He was one of the leaders in pushing drum & bass music. Blame, is a highly respected producer who was responsible for so, so many bangers including 'Because Of You', 'Music Takes You', 'Stay Forever' and many many more. His discography boasts loads of top labels such as Moving Shadow, Good LookingMetalheadz, with plenty on his own label, 720 Degrees. He's also one half of the group Social Misfits who've dropped some fiery beats on V Recordings. Throughout his career managed to push drum & bass to wider audiences whilst maintaining the integrity of the music - something that is hard to achieve, but he absolutely smashed it.

Recently we haven't heard much in the way of new music from him. That was until earlier this week anyway, after he made an announcement on Instagram and Twitter sharing the news that some of his old beloved dubplates were finally getting a release. He’s teamed up with a new label, Violent Nights Recordings to drop his oldies he found on long lost DAT tapes on vinyl for the first time.

In the video message he explains “It’s about that time we finally bring them out into the world”. Yes, it definitely is! Among the tracks seeing the light of day are 'In My Soul', 'Whirlpool', 'Sith', 'Galaxies', 'Hologram 1.0' and 'Icefields'. They’ll all be coming on vinyl in the coming months, with the first due to be March 5th. Buzzing is an understatement, and judging by the response on Twitter we're not the only ones.

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