WATCH | Faithless unveil their latest video for 'I Need Someone'

House | Thursday 4th February 2021 | Arren

Faithless have unveiled their new video for the thought provoking 'I Need Someone', the second single from their acclaimed album 'All Blessed'.

Loneliness and a desire for connection, a situation many of us know so well right now. And it’s exactly this Faithless explore in their latest single 'I Need Someone' from their acclaimed album 'All Blessed'. Featuring the former Young Poet Laureate, Caleb Femi and Nathan Ball whose vocals bounce off each other incredible well along with the beat, for an atmospheric record that speaks on many levels.

The video delves deeper into the theme of loneliness. Filmed in the sun kissed city of Los Angeles, the video manifests the feelings of isolation with other topics such as racial and class inequality with powerful effect. The reflective footage of the Black Lives Matter movement, coupled with the contrast between rich and poor highlights how isolation comes in many dark forms.

On their new single Faithless said: "Proud to present the soaring 'I Need Someone' which finds 'Synthesizer' vocalist Nathan Ball lending Faithless his lush emotive melodies once again, this time alongside an eloquent rap delivered by the acclaimed Nigerian born, London bred poet Caleb Femi. This plaintive cry for human connection is set on a wide screen musical backdrop of kinetic house beats, moody rumbling bass, Afrobeat inspired guitar and Blissy’s euphoric synths - music for the heart, soul and dancefloor."

Faithless' latest album, 'All Blessed' featuring the track 'I Need Someone' is out now - Buy/stream

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