Liquid Lab is burning up, and Heist’s latest EP only fans the fire further

Drum and Bass | Friday 29th January 2021 | Arren

Heist's new EP on Liquid Lab is just the latest in the label's growing arsenal of tracks.

Heist, a name everyone should know. He’s a household figure who’s individual production style is noticeable from miles off, for all the right reasons. He makes heavyweight tunes suiting all styles, so much so his discography boasts almost all the labels that matter; Metalheadz, Integral Records, Digital Soundboy, Philly Blunt, Low Down Deep - all on top of a seemingly endless amount of tracks on his own labels Co-Lab, Sumo Beatz, Calypso and Liquid Lab. He is well loved across the industry for being able to churn out tracks consistently and impeccably.

In his latest, the "Watermelon Girl" EP, he has turned his head back to the more soulful side of drum & bass - and the resulting tracks are stunning in sound and perfectly structured in design. Burning up on Liquid Lab, it's a huge selection of tunes pumped full of funky basslines, warming chords and those drums, those damn drums.

The title track 'Watermelon Girl' is a sophisticated beat, fantastically placing each and every sound for a warming record, with the soulful vocals from Sahala perfectly complementing the track. Following the strong opener is the equally epic 'Lost Promises', where mystical chords and a subtle piano all glued together with some sick drum works. Keeping up the momentum is 'Melt' with its grooving bassline maximising those liquid vibes from start to finish. Rolling things out with yet more funk is 'Back To Hers', with some clever vocal play adding a little extra flavour to an already mouth watering beat. Closing off is a dub version of the title track, where you really can hear the huge efforts put into the musicality of the track.

The EP is just the latest in a stream of banging releases, not only from Heist himself but Liquid Lab as a whole. The imprint is quickly establishing itself as a go to space for top notch liquid tracks, no bullshit hands in the air style shit, just back to basics, blissful liquid drum & bass. If you’re not already following them, do yourself a favour and jump on board now.

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