Guestlist | Playlist: Refracta

Drum and Bass | Friday 22nd January 2021 | Arren

We've nabbed a bass heavy selection of thumping tracks from rising talent, Refracta.

Coming in hot from Edinburgh, producer/DJ Refracta is next up to provide us with a playlist. He's been turning heads with grizzly beats gracing labels including; Pick N Mix, Brawlin Beatz and Invicta Audio. His tracks have been on heavy rotation on the live streams and he himself has been shredding sets online. Today he releases his latest collection of bangers with his 'Elevate' EP and it's wall to wall bangers.

Released on Audio Addict, it’s a four tracker of excellence. Building on the foundations of jump up and adding a whole lot of style. He launches with '88' - a cheeky beat which tones will capture the attention of anyone in earshot. Following up is 'Gravity' where the uplifting chords and bright energy leaves you feeling weightless. 'Tonight' channels the cheeky vibes once again, flipping between big room and basement vibes effortless. Rounding off the EP is 'Oxygen' wrapping up bleeps, vocals and a rugged bass creating a dancefloor smasher. Throughout the EP Refracta has focussed his energies on the musicality of the tracks - and it has paid off. Huge tracks kicking off 2021 in perfect form.

After hearing the EP, we had to find out what else was in his bag. He’s filled our boots with some beefy drum & bass tracks which turned his head in 2020. He’s gone big, and we couldn’t be happier with the selections. On his selections he told us; "All in all it has been an incredible year for music considering everything that has gone on. I’m beyond excited to see what becomes of 2021!". MOOD.

'Remedy' - Dimension

"Dead excited for the full album to be released, but this track for me absolutely does it, huge tune!"

'Tomorrow' - Camo & Krooked, Mefjus feat. Sophie Linding

"One of the most unique and powerful tunes I’ve heard without a doubt, the production level is Godlike."

'Still' - Emperor

"Unbelievable tune from an unbelievable producer. Vibes on vibes."

'In My Head' - Tsuki

"Love this track from his latest album! Shows a different vibe from a very talented producer."

'Come Forward' - IMANU

"No words for this one, simply HUGE."

Refracta's latest EP, 'Elevate' is out now on Audio Addict - Buy

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