Guestlist | Playlist: Matrix X SUBPAC

Drum and Bass | Friday 18th December 2020 | Arren

Matrix shares with us a banging selection of tunes that feel good on the SUBPAC.

Matrix is one of the most respected artists in the game. Whether you know him from his legendary partnership with Futurebound, his explosive label; Metro Recordings or his efforts in shaping neurofunk alongside Virus Records - you’ll know he’s a bastion of quality drum & bass music.

Despite being a regular name in the industry for over a decade now, he is very much at the forefront of it all. Part of that is always finding new and genius ways to produce the bangers we know and love him for. He is part of a slew of artists using SUBPAC. A great producer of kit, who've recently launched their latest piece of gear, the SUBPAC X1 device that really takes your production to the next level.

Focusing on the creators, audio professionals and serious enthusiasts, the SUBPAC X1 is a wireless design allowing both wearable and seated experiences. From the studio to the street, to the stage and beyond, it also features a companion controller, the SUBPAC C1, for digital and wireless connectivity. The SUBPAC X1 offers maximum freedom and flexibility.

It's banging selection of tunes, which no doubt he has been smashing out on his SUBPAC. He’s sorted a sick load of tunes on Spotify, that we all need to be blasting out! Strap those speakers down, as this is a biggen.

Back To U (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) - SLANDER & William Black

This is our new remix for Slander & William Black. I'm a huge fan of these guy's music and the vibe of it has a lot in common with some of the stuff we produce. Some will consider this to be sacrilege but I've always liked the idea of trying to combine neurofunk production flavours with epic melodic and vocal elements and that was one of the goals with this remix. So... it's gnarly but nice, and I can't wait to drop this at a festival when we're all back in action. The Subpac is actually a great tool for mixing these kind of modulated bass sounds. You want to feel some movement in the bass, rather than just a boring old static sine wave!

Don't Run - Askm3

This is actually the first D&B record Askm3 has ever produced. Most producers take many years to nail the sound of drum & bass but he's just come in straight at the top level. I think one of the most important things in music is to find your own unique sound which makes you stand out from the crowd and Askm3 has achieved this 100%. This track is like a mad little four minute journey through loads of different places with many twists and turns, and it's not afraid to break a few rules along the way.

Ray Of Sun - Sub Focus & Wilkinson

Two of my absolute favourite producers in D&B. The entire Particles album is amazing and this is one of the standout tracks for me. I love the cinematic feel that it has about it and the vocal has a unique charm that you don't often find in a drum & bass track, and of course the production quality is impeccable. Drum & bass music at it's finest.

In My Mind - Laminar

This one came out a little while ago and I can't get enough of it. It's the first thing I've heard from Laminar and he's now firmly on my radar. I love the simplicity of it and I particularly love the vibe of the vocal. This is high class liquid drum & bass from the future.

Dangerous - Futurebound

This is the latest killer from my long time partner in crime. Epic sci-fi vibes on the intro combined with the silky smooth vocals of Tom Caine, lead us to a chunky tech funk drop pushes all the right buttons. I suggest strapping on a Subpac and let it thump you in the chest!

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