Denham Audio need to get on your radar

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 9th December 2020 | Arren

Denham Audio just can’t stop firing out the bangers.

Propelling themselves from out of Sheffield, is Denham Audio. A killer trio who’ve been dropping bangers left, right and centre. Honing in on an old skool breakbeat rave era sound and merging it with a modern edge. The end result fucking beautiful, expertly crafted bass sounds with jungle breaks and good doses of acid, rave & hardcore thrown in for good measure. If you like your beats heavy, fast and epic than Denham Audio are just the group for you!

This year they’ve had an incredible run of releases in 2020 including; 'Feel The Panic', 'Top Buzz' & 'Clouds Across The Stars'. They’ve also been busy remixing tracks including their insane remix commissioned by the iconic rave staple, Altern 8 for their latest track 'Hard Crew'.

When they’re not making bangers they’re working on their Club Glow label/tape series along with Borai, LMajor and Mani Festo. They’ve been slaying it with killer mixtapes and equally good tracks. Naturally it was nominated for Best Breakthrough Label for this year’s DJ Mag’s Best of British Awards

This week Denham Audio are releasing another class remix. This time for Phantasy Sound, where they’ve provided two excellent cuts. One melodic and one raw for James Welsh’s 'Cold Landthat nicely hits the spot. Both remixes are everything to love about this trio. We expect to hear a lot more from these guys as they move into next year, and we’re certain they’re gonna smash it.

You can pre-order Denham Audio’s remix of James Welsh’s 'Cold Land', which is out Friday 11th December - Buy/stream

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