Technicality, Precision and Flamenco: Malcura Release New Album

Roots | Friday 4th December 2020 | Jasmine


What day would it be without a brilliant blend of gypsy jazz, Latin rhythms, a rock ‘n’ roll mentality, and the occasional heavy metal riff? A boring one, that’s for sure.

Driven by the dynamic and evocative lead-guitar playing of Joshua Voce and backed by the powerful rhythm section of Simon Wood (Drums) and Steven Angell (Rhythm Guitar), with Colin Andrews joining on Bass, Malcura create music for the soul; it’s a feeling as much as it is a sound.

The tracks are crowd-favourites and something that one can imagine bopping to in the sunshine with friends (when we are finally allowed to do that again). Creating the music on custom-made Spanish flamenco guitars, it is clear that the instruments were made for their hands. With technicality, precision and speed behind them, the guitar playing is one to be admired and listened too intently.

The trio intend on taking listeners on a sonic journey throughout the record with an enthralling space-themed storyline with astronaut ‘Captain Snus’. This storyline of the astronaut’s journey through a black-hole and onto a mysterious new planet is told with only music as its language which helps you picture this imaginative storyline whilst the band adopt a sound reminiscent of Gipsy Kings.

Crowdfunded by fans, their street performances and online, the record combines an exhilarating fusion of gypsy jazz, swing, surf rock and melodic death metal. It’s considered as flamenco for heavy metal fans, however, easily appeals to the masses with its ‘Heavy Flamenco’ style as it weaves through intricate arrangements.

Malcua II is available on all streaming platforms and double-gatefold vinyl.



Image  AXll Media