Up and Coming Rapper Duchi Da Vinchi on His New Record and the Benefits of Meditation

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 1st December 2020 | Tasia

Duchi da Vinchi is making moves to be an iconic artist. The self-styled space-boy has been dropping a slew of singles this year with the lush production of his close friend Kids of Forest. His sound ranges from magical trap with stunning falsetto vocals as on "Might Crash" to the heart felt dream-pop influences on "Kings."


Duchi and Kid spoke to us on their inspirations, being from space and the benefits of meditation.



What was the inspiration for "Might Crash"?


Duchi: My inspiration behind that song was the fast life that I'm living and needing someone to be down with me and to understand this rollercoaster life that I have going on and just being an artist I need someone who's strong and about her business and getting stuff done, she just don't need me, that's my dream.



Where did you come from to get to the point you're at now?


Duchi: I grew up in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. I'm the baby in my family and I always wanted to do music, I've been working on music since the 8th grade. My history teacher put me onto the music because he was a producer. I started recording music after school because he had a studio in his classroom.


Then I got to LA and I wanted to keep going. It took a long time for me to put out music because I'm very indecisive and hard on myself. I want the music to be ready for people to hear it so it took me some time building the sound. I moved to Atlanta to try and find that sound, it took me some time to find Kid.



How did you and Kid meet each other?



Kid: At the time I was a creative director at an ad agency and we did a lot of work with hiphop brands. We had a really good outreach program so we'd get the coolest kids around the city in Los Angeles to come out to our castings. It was mostly a lot of artists and producers, lots of people in the creative field, so I would get to see 300-400 talented people for every call. We used to bring by ten people in at a time because we were seeing so many and Duchi came in one day.


Duchi: I was the coolest kid.


Kid: He had a way of standing out even amongst a lot of other very impressive, visually impressive people. He just had a different energy. When I was talking to him I asked him to perform on the spot, he usually digs into me about that.


Duchi: That's something that I never really do, he just put me on the spot.


Kid: After that we got in the studio one time to see what was up, I think we made this song called "Therapy" the first time we were in the studio which definitely will be coming out one day. The rest is history, good vibes, we kept it moving.



Where did the name Kids of the Forest come from?



Kid: It started off as this idea for a community. I had this story in my head that I told myself while I was coming up with the name. It's was like an evil tyrannical empire exists and the kids are oppressed within this kingdom, one day they run to the forest where they can live freely, love freely and create freely and eventually they plan on returning to the castle to free everybody else.


It's a judgement free zone in the forest.



I feel like that ties into what I've heard Duchi say about his spiritual practise, could you tell me more about that?



Duchi: Meditation and yoga is good for your mind and its good for you to think. Kid has been trying to start doing meditation too, you have to try because it's hard not to fall asleep (laughs). I like to wake up early and do some mediation, maybe get high even and just take time to think. It's something that makes me feel better and makes my day go better.


How to you feel about the music scene at the moment?


Duchi: I just want music to go back to how it originally was with real music. Whether it's with singing, rapping or RnB I feel like we need to go back to like it was in the 2000s, that era was really fire and that music was really meaningful.


I feel like nowadays it's just talking about the fast life, girls, money and drugs. I feel like we need to exit away from that because we are a big influence on peoples lives. Especially rappers, anything we say people will do, so I feel like we need to go back to what music is about - storytelling. It is slowly coming back, I can see it happening and I'm excited for that.



Are there any artists that you're really loving at the moment, especially any lesser known artists?



Duchi: I literally only listen to the people I'm around, the collective that we have. All our music is so diverse and the music so good. The world will soon hear it.



So I have my homies, one is Dusa Alpacino, he does indie pop rap. Keith Lawson, he makes RnB/Rap and he's writing for some of the hottest artists out right now. I'm really just listening to those guys. Other than that I really like Baby Keem, love his word play, his beats and melodies. I just listen to the people I'm around and feed off their energy and vibes.


Kid: I haven't been on the search for new music for quite a long time. I'm on a couple big endeavours personally right now, I'm trying to become really good on the piano so I'm practising 3/4 hours a day and I just had a baby girl so she's taking up a hell of lot of my time.


I've taken myself off the grid of finding new music. I do that from time to time just for creative purposes because I feel like when you just sit down and work on your own material without any outside influences it can pull something very unique out. If I'm listening to a lot of music and creating I notice myself falling into the same trends and I feel like that comes out.


Duchi: That plays a big part in making music, listening to to other music you get easily influenced by melodies and you go to the studio thinking it's your melody and it's not your melody.


Kid: I don't have anyone to speak beside the ones Duchi's mentioned, I'm doing some work with those guys too and Duchi's right the whole collective is fire, everybody on the team is gonna come up, there's Cosha TG too. Everybody's sound is different in this collective.


Duchi: It's like a whole little artist house over here, we're like the new Young Money.



What's your process when you're recording?



Duchi: It varies, somedays we'll go in and make a beat from scratch. Certain beats just speak to me and it's easier to make melodies and create things. I always create a few melodies first, then I'll take parts that I like, create the lyrics and record. Definitely sometimes it'll be a whole freestyle.


Kid: We don't try too hard, it feels like the process is more cumbersome with other artists but with me and him the vibe is always right.


Duchi: And if there's wine or tequila, the tequila that makes me get more creative and find different sounds, the wine on the other hand makes me more emotional and I tap into this emotional bag, it's fire.


You talk about being from space, what does that mean to you?


Duchi: Look at this neck (pointing to his tattoo "made in space") and you see all the green!


Really, with the space thing it's like me and my friends, we're all from space because we're a weird breed. We're one of a kind and I feel like aliens are very rare. I just love being rare and being a unique person, you won't find another person like me, so that's where I get the space thing.


Mars is the place I would live if I could pick a place to live. You gotta come with me, I'm off. Definitely gotta hit up Elon.



What can we expect from you next?



Duchi: Soon I'm dropping a new single called "6am." I'm looking forward to that record it's something that I've never done before, it's a party record. It's about living the wild life of being a musician and a model and how those nights end. Either at at the studio or at a raging party. That's out December 3rd, so look forward to that.


I'm really tweaking to get back on stage. I had a rehearsal the other day and I feel like I'm rusty so I gotta get my grove back, it's been a whole year. I'm coming to London, I'll be there at the end of January or February so I'm really excited about that and I'm working on more singles dropping every month, I gotta keep the heat coming.


A lot of fashion coming up too so you'll see me on some billboards and magazines covers within the next year and I'm creating a dope merch line where it's merch but it doesn't look like merch. Lotta music and fashion.


Update: 6am is out now! 




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