Electro-Pop Artist Confirmation on His New Track and the Drawbacks of Capitalism

Indie | Tuesday 17th November 2020 | Tasia

Berlin based guitarist Peter Milos has launched his new electro-pop project Confirmation with two singles thus far. The latest track "I Don't Want Your Number" feels like the 80s answer to 2020s social and sonic landscape, if the landscape were a set from Tron.



With a long history in the music industry as the guitarist for various bands including Losers his new project shows the influence of the Berlin music scene and his social work blended with classic rock. Here's what he had to say about making music, going from loser to cool and waking up to the pitfalls of capitalism.



How have you found this year for making music?


Really good actually. it was a bit of a bummer thinking you couldn't play shows but I was feeling pretty inspired and creative with this project so it didn't hold me back. I just hauled myself up in the studio.


What's it been like working with Niko Stoessl (Producer for Crystal Castles and sound engineer for Depeche Mode)?


I love Niko, he's a really good friend of mine and I think we compliment each other. He's a wizard on production. He's such an amazing person to make music with and he can translate my stuff into something digestible for people.


How did you meet?


I met Niko because we did a David Bowie tribute night. It was with me and the drummer from Crystal Castles and Nikos wife joined the tribute night. Together we did a cover of "The Man Who Sold the World" and then she made sure we became friend because we got on really well.


Has your outlook been changed from doing social work?


I think my outlook was there, that's why I became a social worker and a musician at the same time. I think the priority is to do things that make me feel good and vent my emotions.


I think by virtue of accompanying people out of homelessness every day I deal with a lot of emotions in myself and the people around me. That brings you down to earth in general. When the weekend comes 'round and I do some music for fun what comes out is a true expression of emotion. It's not hard for me to manifest that emotion because I've got this ocean of suffering and laughter to tap into at anytime now.


Going back to the music, who would you say are your main influences?


Right now I love Christine and the Queens. My favourite band in the world is probably Sound Garden and the first music I ever danced to when I was less than one year old was Talking Heads, so they've been a huge influence.


Then there's my sister, she's a professional pianist and when we were kids she'd be practising for six hours a day so I had these scales and classical music burned into my head. She ended up going into contemporary classical direction doing pretty avant-garde stuff. Seeing how my sister went out on a limb and broke boundaries with music, she's always been my inspiration and she gave me my guitar when I started. She's called Eliza Mccarthy, she's done a bunch of music scores in big films.


What gear are you using for this project?


I use Ableton mainly to compose beats, most of my samples are coming from the classic RX11. Then with the synths anything that we can get our hands on, everything that me and Niko are working on has the Korg and Juno.


Where did the name Confirmation come from?


As a musician I've been doing music forever and obviously for any musician you go through phases of not knowing what you're doing, why you're doing it or who you're doing it for. I hit a point like that where I really felt I lost the soul of it 5 years ago. That's why I moved to Berlin and actually swore off music.


Last September I started writing again because it started coming again and it felt right. I had this other band called The Reformations, that's a love project for me and I was thinking about using that name for this. We were shooting ideas back and forth and we came up with Confirmation because this is me doing exactly what I want, not really giving a fuck about what anyone thinks, which is a nice place to be in as a musician.


So, on the track, why don't you want this anonymous persons number?


Maybe you'll relate to this... In a literal sense it's about when you see those people that think they're so great and they think everybody wants them. Like super rich people, people who never had to suffer in their lives and then the moment when they don't get what they want they're shocked.


The message is more for the people who have been in this situation. Think about a kid in school who thinks he needs to be part of the popular clique to be happy - we all know the losers in school are the ones who actually turn out to be interesting and do cool things. It's for that kid to be like 'look, all those popular kids - ignore them - because everyone's going to love you as soon as you gain some confidence. People are going to love you.'


Because the world is in such a weird state at the moment I'd like to ask if you have any wishes for the world going forward?


I think we're at a turning point. Politically, we're seeing all the flaws of capitalism - all of the things that were deliberately hidden or green-washed through propaganda... All those tears at the seams are becoming unhide-able and you see how vulnerable we really are to it. I'm talking about the people who are really the victims of capitalism, they're seeing what happens when the top can't keep going full steam ahead exploiting the world and nature.


I think in a lot of places people are waking up to it and seeing how in this whole capitalist system we don't really matter, the people who are rich are going to keep getting richer and we're going to be the first people to be pushed off the boat into the ocean to make the boat lighter.


So, my hope is that in places like America where the political system is so import for the rest of the world, my hope is that in place like that people will start waking up a bit and realise that, despite what the politicians say, the system is not there for them. Maybe they'll realise and stop voting psychopaths into power. It might be the influence of the social work - that kind of stuff is not something I could ever ignore and it comes out in the music.


What can we expect from you next?


I'm really excited about what's coming up next. Me and Niko are on a roll, we're having so much fun right now. For the next track we're doing a music video with a dance routine and we're going to do an amazing slow-mo stunt. I'm aiming to have that out maybe by February.   


That next track is definitely one to look forward to!


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