Can the Wim Hof Method help us through the dark days?

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 | Grace

Without stating the obvious, 2020 has not been the best of years. There have been political issues, environmental disasters and, of course, the dreaded C-word has changed all our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Because of this, many of us have lost a bit of our pizzazz. And that’s completely understandable. It’s easy to feel a little lost when we have no idea what is happening in the world.

This doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up hope!  We may not be able to control the future, but there is a way that we can re-connect with the world around us in the present. This is through practicing the Wim Hof method. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a technique that helps us unite with our “inner power”.

Wim Hof’s ideology is that we need to re-connect to the natural world after years’ worth of changing lifestyles has taken us away from who we are as instinctive human beings. So, he devised a science-backed deep psychological method to release our full potentials.

On his website, Hof states: The Wim Hof Method is about reconnecting us - to ourselves, to others and to nature.”

There is a reason that he  is known as Ice Man and holds the record for farthest swim ice underwater at 57.5 meters!

Happiness, Health, and Love to All The World with the Ice ...

How does it work?

The method requires focus on three separate areas. These are breathing, cold therapy and commitment. Through these three points, Hof claims that you can sleep better, detox your body, unleash your inner power, enhance your mood and burn fat.

The breathing exercises focus on releasing our inner fire by controlling the way energy travels through our body. Cold therapy works by circling cold air around the body and is thought to speed up recovery in the body. Whilst the commitment part is about endurance and not giving up feeling the full potential of the method.

If this sounds like something you are interested in and feel like unleashing your inner power, check out the video below and get started on connecting with your natural self.