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This project was created around a bespoke System 7 branded saké from the esteemed Aramasa brewery of Akita, Japan, which sold out immediately on its 2018 release, following on from their love

of sake. System 7 created ‘Field Of Dreams’ by starting out playing a unique Live set to the sake as it was fermenting!  The duo then wrote an inspired new track featuring elements blending traditional Akita folk songs and sounds sampled during the sake brewing process.

CD2 features a selection of Remixes of ‘Field Of Dreams’ by well-known Japanese dance music artists and friends of System 7 including Ree.K, Artman, Ubar-Tmar, Funky Gong and Asteroidnos, encapsulating a multi-genre sound approach.

Continuing to push the frontiers of music, art, and technology, System 7 have a huge connection with Japan including performing Live at The World Festival of Sacred Music at Miyajima Island, Hiroshima;  collaborating with Rumiko Tezuka, the daughter of the late Osamu Tezuka, one of the founding fathers of Japanese manga,whose iconic graphic novel series ’Phoenix’ was the springboard for the S7 album and off-shoot singles ‘Space Bird’ and ‘Hinotori’ (‘Bird of Fire’); being introduced to the Tenkawa Shrine, dedicated to Shinto goddess Benzaiten (an equivalent to the Hindu goddess Saraswati, goddess of music, arts and all that flows, including water). System 7 have twice had the honour of being invited to play their music as a “hono” (dedication); collaborating with Japanese rock band Rovo to produce the ‘Phoenix Rising’ album and playing Live together on two collaborative tours in Japan and one in UK/Europe. Rovo’s figure-head and electric violinist Yuji Katsui also guested on Gong’s ‘2032’ album and the System 7 album ‘UP’ and lastly working with leading digital animation team Mood Magic whom have produced four striking videos including the System 7 original version of ‘Hinotori’, Gong’s ‘How To Stay Alive’, System 7’s 2011 single ‘PositiveNoise’, and Rovo’s full-band version of ‘Hinotori’.

Question: Where does ‘Field Of Dreams’ evolve from?




1. Love of manga artwork

2. Love of sake

3. Love of kimonos


answer is 2.


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Inspired by the 80’s Acid House music explosion, System 7 are one a unique Live band within the UK’s techno strata, hailed for their impressive earth-moving Festival sets,and work with some of electronic music’s true innovators from The Orb to Richie Hawtin who remixed their incredible ‘Alpha Wave’ classic.

Having ‘helped birth the first official dance music stage at Glastonbury Festival in 1995’, championed and worked with Detroit's Techno godfather Derrick May in 1990 on their acclaimed 'Mysterious Traveller' album the duo broke the mould with their seminal dual album release,’Fire' and 'Water'  hugely inspirational to the generation of electronic artists that followed…such as Black Dog, B12, Autechre, and AFX from Sheffield's seminal Warp label. System 7’s have collaborated and worked with many leading visionaries from the electronic dance firmament including A Guy Called Gerald, Carl Craig, Dubfire, Laurent Garnier and The Orb on the classic 40-minute No 1 single 'Blue Room' as well as the first two Orb albums.

From Steve Hillage’s early presence in psychedelic originators, Gong behind the revered ambient opus "Rainbow Dome Musick", a cutting experimental edge has run through his and System 7’s impressive musical catalogue. Beyond dance music, Hillage is held in high esteem for his production on the early 80s Simple Minds ground-breaking albums 'Sons & Fascination' and 'Sister Feelings Call ', which featured the classic instrumental ‘Themes For Great Cities ‘<HYPERLINK "" <HYPERLINK ""> > ,later to become a defining Balearic anthem championed by the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling