Cardinal Sound is launching a new label, Archway Records

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 30th September 2020 | Arren

Out of 2020 madness, Cardinal Sound channels his energy into establishing a new label; Archway Records.

Cardinal Sound, a Reprezent Radio and Rinse FM regular and a familiar face on the club/festival circuit has some big news. In the midst of 2020's drama's he utilised the time to prepare and launch his own label, Archway Records

Establishing your own label isn’t an easy task, especially when you’ve got a lot filling your schedule. Radio appearances, gigs and other projects consume a lot of time. Lockdown put a pause to all of this for many artists and Cardinal Sound, real name Frazer, was no different. Though not letting it halt all things musical Frazer seized the time to do something creative, explaining; “Being forced indoors for a prolonged period of time meant that I could really sit and plan the next 5 years of my life, and I feel like at this stage it’s better to do something like a label now, rather than let it wait for another 3/4 years.” The end result is Archway Records, a new label project that Frazer hopes will, “sonically explore the limits of drum & bass, while still maintaining the level of energy and quality of production that d&b fans are used to.”

His new imprint will join a sea of other labels within drum & bass and Frazer admits; “It’s hard with a genre that’s spanned over 25+ years to say that anything you do is unique and completely different from anybody else.” That said him and his team are going to look into “innovative ways to get the music to connect to the audience throughout this current pandemic situation, be it through visual mediums or whatever we can do from a live point of view.” Using drum & bass as blueprint, and connecting to his vast musical tastes. Archway it's hoped will become a home for the experimental as the label head explains drum & bass is; “an amalgamation of so many different genres, so I think it’s only right to try and fuse it within a full spectrum of bass-focused music.”

Describe the labels sound in 5 words...
Drums, Bass, Vocals, Synths, FX; in that order - Frazer (Cardinal Sound)

He continues “You certainly have a newer generation of artists doing this in incredible ways, like Lakeway, Rohaan and Gyrofield who are setting the bar seriously high and creating really interesting and unique music.” Armed with a clear goal, a backlog of lockdown music and a by judging from what we’ve heard so far Archway Records is set to be a label you’ll be hearing about a lot more in the coming months. Frazer and his team will be kicking it all off on November 5th with a huge track from Cardinal Sound X Lakeway. A solid track perfectly encapsulating everything we’ve been told to expect from the label.

There's plenty more, as Cardinal Sound has a backlog of music ready to go. There's also a release series which we've been told is a "free release series called the Gateway Series for new, up & coming producers to get their first release under their belt." So plenty to look forward to, we'll be keeping our eyes on this one for sure.

Demo submissions are being accepted by Archway Records now - Submit 

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