“I don’t like to fuck around” – Regulus Red tells us what makes his music different

Tuesday 29th September 2020 | Grace

Exploding onto the pop scene, Regulus Red is a brilliantly talented musician with both personality and individuality, not to mention his burning flair for making great melodies. The artist has taken inspiration from the like of Robyn, Lady GaGa and Lorde, and with his originality and passion, is having a big impact on the Queer Pop scene. We caught up with him to chat about his new single, his great name and what hedonism means to him.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Volcanic, truthful, dynamic

What stands out about your music?

That I don’t like to fuck around. I like to tell true stories about true pain and true love. I think this is the reason why my fans love my music. Also, pop is everything to me. Pop is welcoming and electrifying. Pop is home.

What is the story behind your very cool name?

So, my boyfriend was snoring really loud in the night and I was forced to stay awake. [Which is when] I looked for a name that would last forever. Regulus is a Latin word for Young Prince. Someone who guides to make the world a better place. It feels right! And Red well, it’s the best representative colour for me: it’s blood, fire, love, passion, sex, lust.

Your sound has been described as ‘queer pop’. Who has been your influence in what you do and what do you love about these artists?

Lady Gaga, Lorde, Pink and MIKA are everything to me. Artists that write about their pop truth and keep evolving, unafraid and vulnerable. They are fierce, loud, colourful, funny, unique. I like to think of myself in the same way. Queer means fabulous to me, so I love this definition.

You address the topics of self-love and freedom. Why do you think these are important subjects to cover?

Because all of the sadness and anger that’s present in the world comes from specific places: a very low self-esteem, undealt pain and traumas, insecurities. We need to scream so loud that freedom can only exist if you don’t step on someone else’s freedom. There’s no more room for abuse and murder, humans are grieving enough. We are entering a new phase for the human race, where love and respect and individual expression are becoming paramount, essential, and will be widely spread in our society. I firmly believe this even if at times it’s hard to keep being positive. So, I sing about these subjects because I believe in them.

Tell us about your new track ‘Body Rock’?

Body Rock is the song that wants summer to last as long as possible. It’s a synthetic track that wants to rekindle the fire inside of us. I wrote it for me and for anyone who feels this way. I wanted to make people feel good about themselves and about life especially in these hard times!

Your music has also been described as being made for the hedonists. Would you say this is accurate and if so, why should we embrace hedonism?

Wow, I love this question! The concept of pleasure is very dear to me. I believe that beauty is ever changing, and the beauty of pleasure is that it has no human limits. We all find pleasure in such different ways and this excites me. Whenever I drink a glass of red wine or I swim in the ocean I feel the same electricity and intensity I feel when I’m reaching an orgasm. Pleasure and spirituality are two towers I always see in front of me. Art embraces both and I’m embraced as well.

You are Welsh-Italian. How have your cultural backgrounds influenced who you are as an artist and individual?

My love for pleasure in life comes from my Italian background. We love amazing food, amazing weather, and amazing wine, we are also loud, yes. My Welsh side is my funny side, my kind side. Having grown up as a bilingual individual opened up so many doors for me and allowed me to have an open-minded vision of the world from a very early age.

You have also spent time in Barcelona, which is where you wrote the new track. How was it living there?

Barcelona was a port of desires and a city of many cultural experiences. I was working as a waiter and writing music at night. It was one of the dreamiest moments of my life. I will never forget it. “Barcelona, hace un calor que me deja fría por dentro... (Barcelona, it’s the hot that leaves me cold inside…)”

How has the lockdown affected you?

To be completely honest, I haven’t suffered too much because I was isolating before lockdown. I was writing my EP and other songs that will eventually come out. I also started learning the piano and was living with my boyfriend, so I guess I had all I needed there with me, in my pre-isolation. This doesn’t mean I didn’t go through some very crazy moments, like screaming in the garden at night out of frustration or cooking a bit too much and gaining some weight. I also want to acknowledge that these are hard times for many human beings, and I was very lucky living in a flat with a garden.

You have gone from waiting tables to having a music career. How did that come about and how does it feel?

It feels so good. I waited tables to learn more about myself. I loved being on my feet and talking to people from all over the world. But music is my kingdom, she is my muse, my mother and father. So, dedicating my life to her feels like coming home from a very long trip.

You are an artist who refuses to be categories. What advise do you give to the world to encourage them to be themselves?

That life is too short not to be yourself. That being 100% yourself creates panic in those that long for the same thing but are too scared. If they bring you down, shine a brighter light. They need more light. But you have it there, ready to burst. I will be there to protect you with my melodies.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Well I’m glad you mention this: my debut EP is finally coming out in late October (Halloween times, not a coincidence lol). It’s called Red Prince of the Night and it shines a light on my darkest side. Many songs on it speak of this darkness, of my secrets, of sacred places. I also wrote a short story that will be available with the pre-order on Bandcamp which sets the atmosphere for the listening. I’m also planning an extra release around a Christmas time… Could it be a love song? We’ll see…

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