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Drum and Bass | Thursday 17th September 2020 | Arren

Manchester rap collective, Virus Syndicate pick their favourite venues.

JSD and Nika D, better known as Virus Syndicate, have been bringing the Manchester vibes to the world. They’ve been making bare noise and it’s bagged them places on a host of labels, alongside some of the hottest producers in the game. Earlier this summer they finally released their own drum & bass EP, 'Too Sick' on the esteemed Blackout Music.

The banging EP was a carpet bombing of lyrical mastery, all designed to create mayhem wherever they’re dropped. They show off exactly why they’re one of the most talked about rap collectives from Manchester, spitting savage lines over chaotic beats provided by; Neonlight, State of Mind, Pythius and Proxima.

This wasn’t the guys first project within drum & bass, and we’re certain it won’t be their last. With their no bullshit lyricalism working a treat over heavy unforgiving sonics, it's pretty much a match mad in heaven. We’re sure they’ve been to the odd party here and there, so who better to pick out our next selection of clubs?! Their pickings are serious, so they better get down on your bucket lists.

Boothaus - Cologne, Germany

This club is infamous for the energy of the shows held here! Each time we've been here, either to perform or to watch the night has been insane and unforgettable.

Warehouse Project - Manchester, UK

We both grew up around Manchester and this city is where we were inspired to become musicians. There is something magic about playing to home crowds!

The Biscuit Factory - Brisbane, Australia

Australian crowds are on another level! We love playing here because the crowd is so engaged and filled with raw energy and we're surrounded by mates.

Printworks - London, UK

A list of our favourite venues wouldn't be complete without this one, it's iconic! The venue, production, and past performers alone make it a stand out and it's an honor to have been able to perform here.

Roxy Theatre - Los Angeles, USA

A small but incredible venue with vibrant history. This was the first venue we ever played in America. We played with 12th Planet and Caspa and there was a queue right down the street! The energy that night was unforgettable.

Virus Syndicate’s 'Too Sick' EP is out now via Blackout Music - Buy/stream

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