Metaphysical launches with huge ARTBAT and Sailor & I track - 'Best of Me'

House | Tuesday 15th September 2020 | Arren

Metaphysical launches with an explosive collab from ARTBAT and Sailor & I.

The beloved house imprint Get Physical last week launched a new label, Metaphysical with an awe-inspiring collab from ARTBAT and Sailor & I. The Ukrainen duo along with the Swedish singer/songwriter have created the powerful track, 'Best of Me', complete with uplifting melodies and hair raising piano chords all tied together with heart warming vocals. This is progressive/melodic house as it should be, epic. A perfect marriage of sounds with Sailor & I’s vocal addition which joins ARTBAT’s ever growing arsenal of bangers.

It’s a landmark debut from Metaphysical, setting a high standard for future releases and marking a beginning in a creative relationship between ARTBAT and Sailor & I. Both styles perfectly complement each other and I’m sure we’ll watch them grow together, peaking with an album in early 2021!

Metaphysical’s debut release by ARTBAT and Sailor & I is out now - Buy/stream

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