"A loving relationship is a two way thing" thisisNAMASTE gives us advice on love

Friday 11th September 2020 | Grace

Known for her pop melodies and punchy lyrics, thisisNAMASTE brings us a refreshing form of electro pop to perk us up in these testing times. The artist is well on the way to making a name for herself in the music scene, and with a sharp and captivating voice, it’s easy to see why. We talk to her about her new track ‘Something’ and what it was like touring with some of the modern pop greats.

How would you sum yourself up in 1 sentence?

That’s a hard question.  I’d say I’m hard working, determined and a proud Scottish lass.

What stands out about your sound?

I like to think that my music is honest, and the instrumentation reflects that too. Growing up in the 90’s I lived for pop music, so I have definitely taken a lot of influence from listening to those melodies and applied it to my music.

You come from Lanark, Scotland. What are the best and worst points about living there?

The best part is definitely the people and having amazing countryside on your doorstep. The worst part is they have no sushi restaurants!!

What have you been doing during lock down? 

We are lucky enough to have a home studio in our flat, so I’ve been still being doing lots of writing and recording which has been great and also releasing new music.

Your new track ‘Something’ was released last week. What is it about?

I wrote something about a friend of mine who got into a relationship with someone who they knew wasn’t right for them. However, they were a perfect distraction from their other problems at the time. 

How has it been received so far?

Well, I think? I hope! Haha


It’s about relationships. What is the one piece of advice you give people when it comes to love?

I’m definitely no relationship guru but my main advice would be that a loving relationship is a two-way thing and to make sure you and your partner make a good team! 

Your real name is Natasha. What’s the story behind your stage name?

It came about when a friend of mine and I were brainstorming stage names. The namaste part came to light as my name is Natasha Marie Stewart. So, it’s really just a play on my initials, NA MA STE. My great grandad was also Indian and namaste is an Indian greeting, so it all fitted in quite nicely. 

You have toured with people like Rita Ora and Ella Eyre. What kind of things used to happen on tour?

I think the best bits about touring is getting to visit so many different countries! Most of our downtime when we weren’t in soundcheck/gigging was spent exploring and ultimately eating lots of food! haha

Who would your dream collaboration be?

I honestly have a list as long as my arm. But collaborating with someone like Charlie XCX would be amazing!

What can we expect from you in the future? 

More music and hopefully when the world is in a better place, some live shows!

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