David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet Documentary Offers Solutions For How We Can Preserve Nature

Other | Thursday 3rd September 2020 | David

While most of the documentaries he has been involved with throughout his career of almost seventy years have focused on the animal kingdom, David Attenborough’s next documentary will instead examine the effects that humans are having on our planet and what we can do to preserve the wildlife our world has to offer.

Titled David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, the documentary was produced by the World Wide Fund for Nature, and it will largely focus on Attenborough’s incredible career while also offering solutions for how future generations can overcome our current environmental crisis.

In the trailer, which you can view below, Attenborough describes the film as his ‘witness statement’, as he hopes people will take note of the solutions the documentary offers for how humanity can ‘work with nature rather than against it.’ Seeing as he is now in his nineties, Attenborough is clearly determined to spend the remainder of his life ensuring that future generations will still be able to enjoy all the natural wonders our planet has to offer.

So if you’d like to see this incredible sounding documentary on the big screen, it will be playing in cinemas for one night only on September 28 before going to streaming, and you can purchase your tickets here. As well as dealing with serious issues, A Life on Our Planet will also feature some truly stunning wildlife photography, so it deserves to be seen on the largest screen possible.