Getting you offline

Other | Friday 28th August 2020 | Osh

I get it, you love your phone, you love your laptop! Sometimes it is just soooo good to get yourself offline. At least once in a while if not every night! 

We have all been on our devices too much, you have seen what it has done to the world. is this the world you want to live in? Or do you want to feel free? At one with nature, in tune with the universe etc...

Put your phone in a bag once in a while and get used to your own vibrations! Meet up woth some friends. We know It's is hard in this 'new world' but it will always be good to have human contact. 

We want to help you put your phone down, so we are developing pouches to help you get away. Watch out for the link soon! For now just switch off every now and then!