Guestlist | Clubs: DKN

Drum and Bass | Thursday 20th August 2020 | Arren

We’ve another killer selection of clubs, this time from new kid on the block, DKN who's recently fired out his debut single on Subtitles Music.

DKN is a new name for us, though after hearing his mental debut single it’s clear we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future. His first single has landed on Teebee’s Subtitles with a killer two tracker, 'Auf Den Start / The Peak' and boy did DKN make a good first impression. Both club ready cuts, showcasing a serious head for the drums. He's already been pinned as one of the most exciting propects on Subtitles Music is this year celebrates a massive 20 years in the game.

The lead track, 'Auf Den Start' is a heavy rolling tune. Think cargo train with no speed limit. Expert drum patterns sit nicely alongside the gritty bass wobbles, nicely topped off with futuristic vocals. Over on the flip side 'The Peak' bangs just as hard. You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought it was some obscure German techno from the intro, though as it drops you’re back on the drum & bass flex. A mumbling bass pushes through the beat as more techno es sounds float on top with vocals that captures your attention. Once again all complemented with expertly designed drums.

Following DKN’s release, his debut, last month we’ve got him to select his top clubs. He’s picked out some epic clubs, all with great drum & bass history. Expect to see and hear a lot more from DKN - this is just the beginning.

Matter (Building 6) - London, UK

This club was my first exposure to the world of drum & bass raves, getting down there with my mates as soon as we turned 18. I'd been listening to drum and bass since I was about 11, but hearing those tunes on a big system, that's when I really got it. Great memories and without a doubt the reason I got into DJing and in turn, music production.
My first tune selection was always going to be a Logistics tune since every DJ was always drawing for his anthems, so many classics to choose from. Vol 1 remix, Warehouse, Together, Jungle Music… What a vibe merchant.

The Volks - Brighton, UK

Where I’ve played the majority of my DJ gigs to date. Absolute sweaty vibefest in here. Proper community and nothing but good energy and love for the music, always a pleasure getting down to the Volks. Shout out to all the awesome staff and promoters there.
Picked this Jubei remix as it's in pretty much every single set I play and without fail it always goes off. Cold blooded killer. Absolutely sums up the headsy crowd at the Volks, they know their music and they like it authentic.

Fabric - London, UK

Legendary. Had so many incredible nights here but that goes without saying, it’s Fabric! Of course it’s going to be in this list. Best memories of this club would be hitting up the RAM nights, some of those lineups were absurd. Andy C, Calyx & Teebee, Sub Focus, too many to list. A young Wilkinson coming through with his room 2 sets and absolutely tearing up the dance.
Once again very hard to pick just one tune but this tune epitomises the pinnacle of the RAM sound for me personally.

XOYO - London, UK

To be honest this club wasn't properly on my radar until Andy C's first residency here, absolutely seminal those nights. Incredible memories. Also Break's album launch here was killer. That was the first night I met Teebs and drove him home - will never forget that feeling after dropping him off like, WHAT did I really just have flippin Teebee in my car! And knowing that I was about to start being mentored by the legend himself...giddy like a kid on xmas eve. Not so much about the club I guess but a memory that will stay with me nonetheless.
Tune choice was tough since Andy played probably every single classic over the residency but when you hear this one coming in, and the way he brings it in... WATCH… THIS… SPACE… you know the roof is coming off.

DKN’s debut single 'Auf Den Start / The Peak' is out now on Subtitles Music - Buy/stream

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