Guestlist | Playlist: The YellowHeads

House | Thursday 20th August 2020 | Arren

We’ve got a killer techno selection from the incredible duo, The YellowHeads.

The YellowHeads are on a high right now. Over the last few years yellowed masked techno titans have really propelled themselves centre stage. Or more relevant would be the techno stage, as they’re atmospheric ravey sound has been slamming systems the world over since they first emerged.

Last year was their biggest to date after nabbing 18th on Beatport’s World DJs Techno list, all secured by two second position charting on the site’s techno chart following support from legends Carl Cox, Adam Beyer & Pan-Pot. Though their course is still set to higher and this year they’ve been hammering it even harder. Earlier this August they bagged themselves their first top position on the techno charts with their incredible tune 'Planet X' with Space 92 from their own Reload Records.

Not waiting for the dust to settle, they’ve already launched off their next big track; 'Driller'. Another collab but this time with the mastermind, UMEK. Out on the 14th on 1605 it’s a belter; encapsulating both the unique sounds of The YellowHeads and UMEK. A beefy bass drum hammers down with odd bass tones rumbling like thunder, giving the track a dystopian edge from the get go, it’s a record built for the biggest systems going. Once that interlude gets underway, a retro synth builds up before a suitably large slamming down on the drums. It’s a classic big room techno track screaming for festival plays, though our speakers at home will do for now.

Despite their busy schedule, we’ve been blessed to get a selection of tunes from The YellowHeads. They’ve picked 5 huge tracks, perfect to get your rave on this weekend!

UMEK & The YellowHead - Driller

We have chosen 'Driller' as the first track of our chart, because for us it is a very special track/collab with UMEK who is one of our idles. We have loved UMEK’s music for nearly twenty years, and have great memories of seeing him live when we first started going out to events in our teenage years, so it's a real honour to have worked one some music together.

The YellowHeads & Space 92 - Planet X

Second track is another one of ours and one of our most successful so far. We collaborated withSpace 92 on our own label Reload Records, and the track reached No.1 on Beatport, so we are happy with this release. Space 92 is a great producer who we really enjoyed collaborating with, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

UMEK - Distinct Operator

We love all of UMEK’s tracks, and 'Distinct Operator' is one that we have recently been playing a lot! For people who like our style of techno, I don’t know if UMEK has ever made a track they wouldn’t like. He has been making music for a long time, and been around since the ‘90s, so he has set trends rather than follow them.

Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)

Fourth in our selection is a classic track where we have been playing the original in our DJ sets for many years now... for us, it is a classic amongst classics! The new version by Reinier Zonneveld is amazing and has given us a new excuse to play the track twice as much. This track will always be on hand any time we play a DJ set, so would have been impossible not to include in our Top 5.

Ron Impro - Sickness

Last of our Top 5 tracks is another one from our mighty Reload Black. One of the best things about running a label is hearing an outstanding piece of music, and getting to share it with others. This track would be in our chart even if it were on another label because we love it so much! It is from Ron Impro who is fast becoming one of our favourite artists.

The YellowHeads’ latest track 'Driller' with UMEK is out now on 1605 - Buy

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