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Drum and Bass | Thursday 9th July 2020 | Arren

Dubstep head Eddy Seven share a fine selection of clubs.

Eddy Seven has been in the bass game for time. He’s the founder of the renowned Uprise Audio, and has himself featured on labels including RAM, Wheel & Deal and Tempa Records. He’s established himself as both a taste maker and curator of the dubstep world, clocking in at some of the best clubs around to unleash his famed sound. Building on his reputation further he’s just released his fourth album, one of his biggest yet.

Landing on Hatcha’s esteemed Hatched, it’s Eddy’s fourth album. Entitled 'R-Evolution', it’s a heavy 13 tracker featuring the kind of dubstep we lost our shit to back in 2006-2010. Contemporary sounds, but with a proper dubstep feel. Low rumbling subs, snares that take your teeth out and a dark, gritty edge. The album has tracks featuring JMan, Polly Yates and former Pendulum MC, Ben Verse all bringing sick vocals to the fray, though many are just serious heads down room shakers.

This album is a testament to Eddy Seven’s long career. The deep knowledge and understanding is clear within and only adds extra flavour to a producer who has an obvious ear for producing high quality records. Celebrating the release, we’ve got Eddy Seven to run down some of his top clubs. He’s given us some wicked venues and added segments of dubstep’s rich history - well what can we expect from a true legend in the game.

The Black Box - Denver, USA

This is the definitive club to go and listen to dubstep. To be honest, any bass driven dance music. The sound system (The bass couch) is incredible. It gives a true representation of the music being played through it. The whole frequency spectrum is heard and felt. The layout of the club is perfect too, the decor and vibe is on point and although purposely dark. There is always a friendly atmosphere amongst the crowd who religiously attend the events there. It’s a very special place and was on my bucket list of clubs to play from as soon as it opened up. The track I think of now when I think of the club is 'Top Rank' by myself and JMan. It was the tune that went off the most in my set that night and I always think of that moment now when I hear it.

Fabric - London, UK

The first time I ever went to fabric it literally blew my mind. I’d never experienced anything like it before, not only the actual club set up itself, but the vibe too. Three rooms of the best of the best DJs and music in the world. It was a paradise for club goers and you almost felt like you were part of a movement being there for those first events. Playing there was a huge milestone in my career. It was something I had been building towards for years and finally got to play on that sound system and express myself there as a DJ. The track that I think of when I think about fabric is 'X-Ray' by Sub Focus.

Plastic People - London, UK

It had a local pub feel to the place, everyone knew each other and grew up with each other, so the sense of community was strong. The sound system was literally the system that birthed dubstep. The resident night there called FWD was the stomping ground for all dubstep’s first batch of artists. It was where artists like Mala, Skream, Benga, Hatcha etc all birthed their sound and broke the music in. There was a spiritual vibe about the place. It only legally held about 50 or so people but there was always more than that crammed into the small dark dance floor. The only light was a red fire escape light above the both and the twinkling of the channel fader LEDs. The tune that comes to mind when I think of Plastic People is 'Krunked Up' by Benga.

The Cross Club - Prague, Czech Republic

It’s such a wonderful experience going there. It’s where I played my first international gig and it’s great to see it still open and going strong. The first time I went there it was all decorated like it was the inside of a machine. With all computer motherboards and electronics all over the walls. I’d never seen anything like it before. The last time I went it was completely kitted out differently, now with a steampunk type theme to it all. Same great sound system and vibe. I really enjoy playing there. Great vibe and atmosphere too. The track that comes to mind when I think of it is 'Acid Track' by Dillinja.

East Village (now Trapeze Bar) - London, UK

The first time I played there was for Get Darker and it was 1 in 1 out by 10pm. Such a fantastic introduction to this place for me and I remember going home having fallen in love with the venue. We did our first Uprise Audio events there and took advantage of the custom-built Funktion 1 system they have. There was just no other club in London that catered so well for our music and what we were doing. The bar runs along the side of the dancefloor so you never miss out on anything and always feel part of the vibe and fully in the moment. The track that reminds me of East Village is 'Walter White' by myself.

Eddy Seven’s fourth album 'R-Evolution' is out now on Hatched - Buy/stream

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