“It’s a bit wtf sometimes and perverted, but that’s why I love it so much” – Ambre on Anime

Thursday 9th July 2020 | Grace

Take the enticing voice of Sia, the originality of Lady Gaga and throw in the quirkiness of Japanese Anime and what do you get? The talented, fashionable and fun persona that is Ambre. After graduating from uni with a degree in psychology, Ambre turned her hand to the arts and now, she is a musical success. We talked to her about how it's all going for her and why she decided to take this path in life. 

How would you describe yourself and your music?

I’m a mix of bubble/sweetness with a gloomy side and I think my music represent this part of me. My lyrics are often on the sad spectrum but then I love energetic songs.

What have you been doing during the lock down?

In the start of the lockdown I was pretty depressed, to be honest. I let myself slowly disappear in anime watching and manga/webtoon reading. But then at some point, I decided to adult more and every day I started training vocally, writing new songs, crafting some clothes, working on my future music videos and I started roller skating!

You have taken inspiration from a mix of culture, like Japanese Anime and Lady Gaga. How does working with mixed media influence your art?

To be honest, every aspect of my life influences my music. Animation influence a lot of my lyrics and most of my style, but my entourage does that too, having a conversation with a friend could lead to writing a song title on my phone. Now anime take such a huge space in my life that it’s part of my identity and that’s how it has a strong influence on my art. Lady gaga is my goal, my motivation and my idol she really is an artist I admire, she gave me the taste for quirky outfits and reinforce my desire to be special. When I was 16, she was the person that made me believe I could be who I am and whoever I wanted to be.

What is it about anime that you like you so much?

mmmh everything ? the language, the stories, they are so intricate sometimes that I believe it wouldn’t work properly with actors. The visuals are amazing, and the characters are drawn in such a way that you get the emotion straight away. I really dig the Japanese humour, it’s a bit wtf sometimes and perverted, but that’s why I love it so much. My favourite anime is ‘Mob psycho 100’ and it has everything I mention here.

Have you ever had the chance to go to Japan and experience this world? Or do you have a a culture of this around you in general?

Sadly no, I have not, but I intend to! Japanese cuisine is my ultimate favourite, so, I really want to go and come back being food pregnant! In London, there is several Japanese shops that I go to, like The Japan Centre. And there’s The Hyper Japan to entertain anyone interested.

Tell us about your new album ‘Enough Of You’?

‘Enough of you’ Is a song I wrote after I got annoyed with a friend because he never answered my messages. I was annoyed because he wasn’t like that in the beginning when we met, and then I just received potato emojis as  an answer to my Whatsapp. The funny part is that I worked on this song with him and he didn’t know he was my inspiration for the song before the song was recorded!

You only got into music a few years ago. What pushed you to go for it?

I wanted to be a singer since I was a child but I never knew I could make songs on my own until I met my vocal coach in London. He was the one who pushed me to find one more talent of mine.


You are French but live in London. What was it about the UK that made you want to come here?

It wasn’t the fish and chips or the weather! London always sounded like a world of possibilities! Also, London is pretty close to my family in France. London has a charm that other big cities I’ve been to don’t have. I love the streets and how neighbourhoods each have their own identity, like Camden vs Shoreditch.  I also love the party culture and how London is a melting pot of people.

What do you think the best and worst things about London are?

I couldn’t choose one good thing as there is too many, but just the fact that there is so many choice of restaurant on Deliveroo makes it awesome already. The bad thing I think would be how unclean some areas are.

Are there any elements of French music that we can hear in your sound?

Probably not because there’s very little French music I like.

You studied psychology at university. You then decided that this wasn’t what you wanted to do. A lot of people realise that maybe they have made the “wrong” choice in education or as a career path. What do you say to those people?

Well, I actually never thought I’d go anywhere with my degree as I never thought of being a psychologist. I always knew music was my path, I just wanted to please my family with the degree and ended up with depression. But there no right path or wrong choice we all do our best and keep moving to what we’re meant to do, so many people start with something and change ideas 3 or 4 times before they get to know what’s making them happy, and it’s pretty beautiful because that’s the essence of life isn’t it ? We’re all trying to find our place!

What can we expect from you in the future?

More quirkiness and craziness, more songs about the boys in my life, hopefully soon live performances, more amazing videos and more of my weird personality.

Check out more of Ambre's music on her YouTube and Instagram