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Drum and Bass | Tuesday 7th July 2020 | Arren

Redpine & Solo share a massive selection of spacey jungle records.

After a brief hiatus apart, Leeds duo Redpine & Solo rejoin forces and drop a stellar EP, 'Time 4 Change'. Landing on Studio Rockers, they take us on a three tracked cosmic journey of deep emotional jungle drum & bass with a dark edge.

The title track, 'Time 4 Change' builds up a dark dystopian feel before smothering you with amen’s. As it aggressively pounds through, with gritty sounds adding a suitable dark flex before spacey synths ease up on the pressure. Come round two you find yourself in some parallel space with equally mad drums but a more uplifting feel before closing off in classic jungle style, heavy drums and moody bass hits. Raw AF.

Following up is the cinematic beat 'Nebula 2'. Blissful synths and soft pads float nicely above epic drum works and a warming bass tones. It’s the kind of track you want to hear at 7am, all things precisely in the right places at the right time. It’s not about tearing shit up, but having that emotional connection with the sound - something drum & bass sometimes forgets these days.

Closing off the EP is 'Echo Chamber', a sci-fi odyssey. Warping synths drag your brain across the floor whilst a tribal bass drum keeps you grounded. By taking this one back to basics they’ve made a wildly deep tune, recisimicant of the proper old skool acid house movement but with a sick jungle flex.

Redpine & Solo’s latest EP is an incredible body of work which isn’t afraid to get deep and heavy. They’ve effortlessly guided across the original sound but give it a distinctively more technical edge. Their epic progression and raw sounds keep you on your toes throughout all three tracks. One thing’s for sure, we cannot wait for what’s forthcoming from these two. Though in the meanwhile, we’ve got the pair to sort us a massive playlist of spacey jungle beats - perfect tracks to listen to once you’ve checked out their latest material!

Photek - 'UFO'

Couldn’t have a ‘spacey Jungle’ playlist that didn’t include Photek’s 'UFO'. A brilliant exploration of tension, fear, and the unknown.

Dust-e-1 - 'One on One'

We love the haunting pads and vocals on this one from Dust-e-1. For us, it paints a picture of an astronaut hopelessly drifting into space.

Slider & Expose - 'Reference Point'

Wonderful dramatic build in this track by Slider & Expose. The horns and strings evoke a sort of cinematic NASA launch, before switching up to one of our favourite drops in modern jungle.

E.A.P.D. - 'Hyperspace Cadillac'

It’s the pads on this one that create that otherworldly feel, adding mystery whilst building perfectly to the introduction of the melancholy keys 2 minutes in.

Kloke - 'Artificial Memories'

Really emotive track from Kloke here. Definitely a track that you could listen to whilst exploring an alien planet.

Tim Reaper - 'Second Chance'

This is another track that has the pads that make us think of a pre-space launch routine. Dreamy and hopeful, as it builds to that wild amen drop.

DJ Playstation - 'Floating Museum'

A particularly atmospheric track from DJ Playstation. Definite interplanetary exploration vibes on this one.

Clark - 'Silver Sun'

A firm all time favourite of ours from Clark. That evolving synth line and drum progression that takes the tune from quite playful at the beginning to dead serious by the end of the track. You could imagine this as a good soundtrack to exploring a hostile alien planet.

Sully X Outer Heaven - 'Dream Sequence'

An amazing track here from Sully and Outer Heaven which came out on Rupture’s Planet series - well worth checking out!

Omni Trio - 'Thru The Vibe'

It was hard to pick which Omni Trio track to include in this playlist, but 'Thru The Vibe' is one of my favourites so I couldn’t leave it out. The strings, piano, bass combo in the breakdown has a real spacey feel to it too.

Dead Man’s Chest X Thugwidow - 'Sleepless on Venus'

Another track from Rupture’s Planet series, this time from Dead Man’s Chest and Thugwiddow. Such a beautiful one here, listen loud with the lights off.

Redpine & Solo’s 'Time 4 Change' EP is out now via Studio Rockers - Buy/stream

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