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House | Tuesday 23rd June 2020 | Arren

Handpicked disco hits from the musical mind of Mason.

Mason, a Dutch DJ/producer who’s been on the scene for years. He first wowed us all with his catchy electro hits such as 'Perfect Exceeder' with Princess Superstar seeing big mainstream success. He has continued on similar vibes since and has a highly successful career. Held in high regard for his knack to morph elements of dance, urban and pop together always resulting in big club tracks - no surprises that he has worked alongside so many huge artists including Stefflon Don, Sway and Jem Cooke.

He dropped his latest tune ealier this June, 'Nightwalker', a cosmic disco reimagining of Skatt Brothers’ 1980 hit 'Walk The Night'. His funky interpretation fast-tracks the beat into today’s modern scene without losing any of the raw energy from the original. Landing on Skink, it’s his sophomore release with them following 'Dance, Shake, Move' which made a big impact and was even used in ad campaigns from Stella McCartney and Vodaphone. You can buy/stream the release now.

It’s just the latest track from Mason who’s had a hectic release schedule this year. He’s also had an release with Toolroom ahead of a full length album later this year, remixed Metronomy and Girl Ray and collaborated with DJ Glen. Celebrating the release of his latest disco slice, Nightwalker Mason has sorted us a fantastic selection of disco cuts. Perfect grooves to enjoy the sun!

'Stop' - B.W.G

Everything is so superbly done in this all-time favorite disco record of mine, I’ve never dared to sample it, as that would just be a sin.

'Sphinx' - Harry Thumann

It doesn’t really get more epic than Sphinx. Story goes that the Knight Rider theme song was fully inspired on this (read: copycat). It was released in the same year as the launch of the series. Something fishy going on there.

'Keep Fooling Yourself' - The Hasbeen

The sort of disco that I’d still bring to clubs if it’s my kinda crowd or my own event.

'Zoid' - Retro/Grade

Disco is a pretty wide term, and I put everything from dusty 70s disco to more modern day italo disco in it. In love with this dramatic Retro/Grade remake of the classic Zoid. Would fit funerals too.

'I Need Some Money' - Chicco

Bumped into this brilliant bit of joy. South African hipsters avant-la-lettre.

'Why Tell Me Why' - Anita Meyer

We in Holland all grew up with Anita Meyer - one of the most famous singers in the 70s and 80s. And as we only had 1 tv stadio there was no way around Anita. Not sure how known this is outside The Netherlands. But you can turn any (queer) party upside down with this and I tend to play a lot of those.

'Hollywood Seven' - Alides Hidding

Alides Hidding covered Jon English here, and squeezed this dramatic movie script and an NRG disco track into one. Take note of those almost Broadway style lyrics.

'The Visitor' - ABBA

To prove I’m not a chin stroker. And the fact one cannot ignore the brilliance of Björn & Benny. And the fact Corona makes me have similar hair currently.

'Girls' - The Moments

Fully approve this message and relate to it. And the song is good too.

'Rendezvous at Rimini' - Alden Tyrell

Wanted to end with something modern and this is how I like my italo disco. No subtleties, just straight forward epic themes like the world is one big game of Zelda.

Mason’s latest single, Nightwalker is out now - Buy/stream

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