Ever Wanted to Free Your Mind?

Other | Monday 22nd June 2020 | Klaudia

Freedom is the holy grail, and we live in a society where Western-style freedoms are seen as the epitome of freedom. But if we look at the definition of freedom, it simply means not being imprisoned or enslaved. It means the right to act, speak, and think as you choose, without oppressive restrictions imposed on you by others, including those in authority. This is in relation to personal, family, and social life as well as your political views and economic transactions with others. So, if we are measuring how free we are as residents in the UK, it is not as much as we are led to believe. The only part of that definition that is somewhat relatable is that we are free to think as we please.


Nevertheless, our thought process can often be contaminated by external forces, and the overall environment we are living in. It is very easy to get lost in the toxic world of social media, or fixate on all the negativity in the world, and become a prisoner of your own mind. While you can’t necessarily control our physical freedom, we can control the liberty of our spiritual self. As said by French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.” 


5 ways to free your mind:

  1.  Still Your Mind

In life, we tend to worry about the things that we cannot control, causing us to feel stressed and distracted. That is why it is important to only focus on the things you can change, such as activities that require a lot of attention to keep your mind present. Meditation is perfect for calming your mind, a calm mind makes the expansion of your inner awareness easier. 


A study by science direct found that “practicing mindfulness meditation for a short period of time may enhance visuospatial processing, working memory, and executive functioning.”


  1.  Become Free From Your Emotions

Believe in the idea that you are not your mind. Don’t allow your emotions to overtake your everyday life, when you feel an emotion become too overwhelming simply take a few moments, be still, and breathe. It is crucial to feel all emotions and then let them pass. Do not become a prisoner to your emotions, especially the negative ones.


  1. Accept Alternative Views of Reality

Society has created a set of general beliefs when it comes to reality, these imprison our minds. Our inability to expand our consciousness sets us into a continuous state of ignorance. Thus, accepting alternate views and realities is vital for personal growth. 


  1. Expand Your Awareness

Awareness is the state of being conscious of something, in this case, your own existence. Becoming self-aware consists of three fragments: emotional awareness, physical awareness, and mental awareness, and provides us with a sense of difference from everyone else. To become aware of your body, walk, write to become aware of your thoughts, and meditate to become aware of your emotions.


  1. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is the key ingredient to growing your mind, and nurturing our minds with new wisdom and information is essential to our creative freedom. As said by Thomas Huxley, “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”



Hopefully, these simple steps allow you to free your mind from the constraints set in place by society. And if all else fails, you can always fly away to a deserted island, and exercise true freedom.