Guestlist | Clubs: Blooom

Drum and Bass | Friday 12th June 2020 | Arren

German producer, Blooom is next up to sort our club picks.

Hailing from a small town just outside of Cologne in Germany comes Blooom. A producer who's started making more and more noise over the years. He’s so far released a few tunes, each on flexing out in varying musical styles from drum & bass, breaks to trap.

This week he dropped his latest record, 'Reality'. An exclusive release from a forthcoming full length compilation album 'Caffeine Rush 2' from Dutch label, High Tea Music. It’s an upfront drum & bass cut, high energy and positive vibes blasting from start to finish. Made for the big room heads with stadium sized bass, synths and glitchy vocals.

The track dropped earlier this week, and is one of two singles from High Tea Music's forthcoming compilation which gets its full release next week. Other artists featuring on the album include Dossa & Locuzzed, BLVCK OWLZ and Rex Hooligan with a variety of original cuts and remixes.

Marking out the release, Blooom has shared with us 5 of his favourite clubs. As we edge closer and closer to getting into the clubs again, albeit slowly, he’s shared a quality selection to get on our radars!

Beta Nightclub - Denver, USA

Before I was old enough to go to clubs, I listened to EDM-sets with the help of live videos recorded on a shitty smartphone and posted to YouTube. I've been a huge fan of Porter back then and found a video of him playing the track 'Unison' at Beta before it was released and I got hyped as hell.

Work Bar - London, UK

The work bar is a small value at first sight, but the sets go hard AF. As a really personal pick, I chose Urbandawn's 'Prime Expansion'. This track inspired me to start producing DnB with it's bouncy vibes and offgrid grooves pushing the boundaries of what I knew about the genre.

Melkweg - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The track's such a sweet classic! BullySongs always reminds me of Bono (yes, the singer of U2) for some kinda reason and I love it! I got a ticket for René's set at High Tea Amsterdam this year, but it got cancelled due to Covid, so I definitely plan on catching up on that experience!

Heinz Gaul - Cologne, Germany

As another small club, Heinz Gaul brings some of the dopest artists to Cologne. A few years ago I went to a Joyryde set and it was mental! '4am' is a track of his debut album which I'm blasting every day since the release.

Bootshaus - Cologne, German

I'm sorry for double picking Cologne, but somebody's gotta represent my area! As I'm living close to the city, I spend lots of my time partying at Bootshaus. In my opinion it's one of the best clubs in the world (especially when it comes to edm and trap). As DnB is more of an upcoming genre in Germany, Bootshaus does it's best to support artists playing this genre. I chose 'Like That' due to its sonic characteristics representing most of the genres Bootshaus stands for (edm, trap and dnb), combining them in perfection!

Blooom features on High Tea Music’s latest compilation 'Caffeine Rush 2' which arrives in full on 15th June - Pre-order/stream

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