Guestlist | Playlist: PRFCT Mandem

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 9th June 2020 | Arren

Newcomers, PRFCT Mandem sort our latest playlist of tunes.

You’ll be forgiven for not knowing who these guys, PRFCT Mandem are. They’re a Manchester-based Latvian/Irish duo who’ve just dropped their breakthrough release on Korsakov Music, and what a breakthrough it is. Clocking up to six tracks, the 'Formation' EP makes plain their abilities as producers with a diverse selection of tracks. The release follows a string of killer guest mixes including live streams on Bloc2BlocOdyssey Events, and of course Korsakov.

Fast-paced technical sonics shake the EP to it's core. Moody basslines with murky tones and textures underlie each track, making these prime cuts for the darkest and grimest floors around. They may be similar in sound but all vary in style with the duo flaunting their sound in heavy-edged rollers, in your face steppers and a half time shaker. They weave their way across the spectrum to devastating effect. A massive breakthrough release that paves the way for bigger and better things in the future. It landed last week on Korsakov, you can buy/stream the release here.

Celebrating it’s release, we’ve got the PRFCT Mandem duo to select our next playlist of tunes. They’ve picked out a maaad selection of tunes, so strap your speakers down and get locked in to these killer picks from PRFCT Mandem.

'I Found You' - Rohaan

Rohaan's new release including this tune shows his beautiful sound signature in its glory. We got hooked right away! This tune is always a pleasure to listen to as it brings such a unique emotion and energy to the room.

'Party Every Day' - High Maintenance & AL/SO

Must have tune to warm up the dancefloor before going H A R D. Don't know what's their deal with Graffix's Stutter but these two go hand in hand like they're best friends.

'Levitate Your Mind' - Degs feat. Unglued

Absolute Feel-Good music that lifts our mood at any time! The way they approached the sound mixing in here is clever as it fits any type of environment, from festival, to radio, to bashing tunes in the gaff.

'Acolyte' - Buunshin

Buunshin's approach to making music has been a massive inspiration since the day of discovering his music. There is so much you can do with white noise it's crazy. Acolyte has a very special place in our heart because of its dark and dangerous mood yet still being a dance tune. Lad!

'Come Forward' - IMANU

Another big influence. Come Forward just came out and is a proper tastemaker/trend-setting tune in our opinion. It shows that there is so much more to offer within 172 bpm realm. Sound Desing is on point.

PRFCT Mandem’s debut release 'Formation' is out now via Korsakov Music - Buy/stream

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