New label Organized Chaos launches with a cracking debut

House | Wednesday 3rd June 2020 | Arren

New label Organized Chaos launches with a massive cut from Todd Terry, James Hurr & Adam Griffin.

There’a a new imprint on the block and it’s going to champion the post 3am crew. Launched from the big room kingpins Perfect Havoc, their sister label Organized Chaos will be celebrating the more underground realms of house and will no doubt become a favourite among those who stay in the club till the lights come up.

They've set the tone with a massive debut from Todd Terry (pictured above), James Hurr and co-label head Adam Griffin. Entitled 'Don’t Over Think It', it’s an absolute smasher expertly fusing bass and classic house to maximum effect. Trending the line between the old and the new, all the elements culminate together making this a track ravers of all experience can get behind. A strong first release that perfectly captures their focus on more underground sounds.

Speaking on the new imprint Adam Griffin explained; "Rob (Davies) and I wanted to diversify our sound and agreed a sub label was the best platform to release the huge amount of underground house records we were both signing and producing in-house. Sadly, you can’t lose yourself on the dancefloor right now, but until you can, we aim to deliver big tunes and bring the dancefloor to you. I’m delighted to be part of the first release with music industry royalty, Todd Terry and one of the highest regarded producers in the business, James Hurr."

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from Organized Chaos after such a strong opening track. Though experience from following their Perfect Havoc tells that we’re certainly in safe hands.

Organized Chaos’ debut release 'Don’t Over Think It' by Todd Terry, James Hurr & Adam Griffin is out now - Stream

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