We chat with Critical's rising star, Particle

Drum and Bass | Monday 1st June 2020 | Arren

We speak with Critical’s rising talent, Particle.

Fresh off the back of his killer 'Thermal' EP, we've spoken with Particle. He’s a rising star in the game and has so far impressed DJs and fans alike with a string of heavyweight releases, remixes and collaborations. The South-London based producer has a technical, dark edge to his sound with clear cut sonics, really making his tunes stand out in the rave.

The last few years he’s been rapidly carving out his own space, and has already made fans out of the upper echelons in drum & bass. His latest EP follows his extensive touring before lockdown was imposed, including the dates in London, Manchester and Brighton. Not to mention the Critical Sound tour in Australia & New Zealand with label mates Enei, Kasra, Halogenix and MC Jakes. It features the long awaited 'Business Techno' which has been a firm favourite at Critical parties. It also includes the spacey 'Camberwell' with throwbacks to the old skool style, flaunting his deep knowledge of drum & bass and it’s history. Adding more fuel to the fire are two wicked cuts 'Thermal' and 'Glock 19' - two dancefloor ready beats. The EP is some of his best work to date and a testament to why he's held up with such high regard.

The EP is currently out on Critical Music, you can hear it here. We had a chat with Particle following hearing the release about the 'Thermal' EP and beyond.

Hey, how are you?
Good thanks, well, as good as I can be with everything going on right now.

How have you been doing with the whole lockdown situation?
I had a huge creative burst at first but it’s been a downhill struggle since then, it’s becoming a lot harder to find inspiration. I’m now using the time to tighten up my production.

What’s the first thing you want to do once the restrictions are lifted?
Tough question. I guess it depends whether the government lifts it at a safe time, there’s loads of people that I’m missing who I’ll want to see, plus I can wait to start touring again, I’ve really missed travelling.

Just before everything kicked off with Covid-19 you were rapidly rising through the ranks with big bookings, what was your favourite gig?
If I had to choose it would probably be the Critical ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) show at Melkweg, it was amazing to play a show like that so early on in my career. The crowd was amazing, I was put on last and the venue let us power through for another half an hour or so.

You were on tour with the Critical family for their Australian/New Zealand tour at the start of 2020 - how was your time there?
It was my first time down-under. I’d heard how good it was over there so my expectations were set high but the bar was still fully exceeded. UK crowds are obviously amazing but over there it’s a different level, they have so much love for the music. If I was pressed to choose a highlight I’d have to go with the Christchurch show, after the main show we had a B2B session in another club for the afterparty which was also rammed, I’ll never forget that.

How was it travelling with the Critical crew?
It was a solid crew, they’re all amazing guys, both musically and personally. They’re all touring veterans compared to me, so it made the whole experience way less daunting. Looking back on the previous question most of the highlights would probably be the jokes we all had and the incredible food we got to eat.

As a producer you’ve also risen the ranks with some quality EPs, what music first inspired you to start producing music?
Thank you! Looking back I wouldn’t say that there were any certain pieces of music that inspired me to start, I was just a raver who found it fun, was more just a love for the genre and dance music as a whole I guess.

The Thermal EP is out now, some big ones on there. Tell us about it…
I’m glad you like it. My EPs end up being a real mixture of sub-genres even though I don’t put them together that way, I write a lot of different styles then me and Kasra just cherry pick the ones we think work together. This was probably the most diverse one yet because of Camberwell, I’ve been writing a few bits like that recently so I’m really glad people liked it. Then obviously Business Techno took off out of nowhere, I wrote that track on the plane from Australia to New Zealand on the tour and played it for the first time that night.

You’ve become one of Critical’s fresher faces, what do you like about that label?
They’re the whole package really. Kasras A&R is amazing, plus the events, merch and general feel of the label tie it all together. Creative trust is a really important factor for me too, I do all my own artwork as I’m quite precious about the way my work is expressed. It's nice having a label that allows me to be as creative as possible.

Where do you hope the Particle project will be in 5 years time?
I’m exploring a lot of new sonic terrain at the moment so god knows where I’ll be 5 years from now. I’d love to branch into some different BPM ranges at some point though.

What would you do to change the world?
Oh god, where to start. Especially the place we’re in now… so much.

If you could play at a party anywhere in the world where would that be?
I’m lucky enough to have played some amazing shows so far, but festival wise there’s a few pushing really good music that I’d love to play for such as Dekmantel or Houghton.

What are you most in love with right now?
My girlfriend.

Particle’s newest EP 'Thermal' is out now on Critical Music - Buy/stream

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