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Drum and Bass | Monday 1st June 2020 | Arren

Kawaii launch themselves with a huge dancefloor smasher.

Ashleigh and Saul Castagnello have opened a new musical chapter in their lives with their Kawaii project. The married couple from the heart of Manhattan, New York have been immersed in electronic music for over 15 years, with drum & bass becoming their main soundtrack since hearing Danny Byrd & Brookes Brothers' 2008 banger 'Gold Rush'. Becoming fully immersed in the drum & bass sound, they got inspiration from many artists including Logistics, Netsky and Matrix & Futurebound. Now they’re taking all this inspiration and are using it to fuel their own take on drum & bass, and it sounds incredible.

They’ve debuted this with a dancefloor smasher, 'Searching'. It’s a melodically charged and vocally anthemic drum & bass cut, packed with positive vibes and ready to blow up the dance. It’s such an original big room track, and paves the way for bigger things in future. So good in fact, it caught the attention of Matrix whose bag it for his Metro Recordings. Not bad for a debut release, but when it sounds this good it’s exactly what it deserves.

In note of their debut release and their deep knowledge of electronic music, Kawaii have shared with us their top venues to party in. Their selections are on point and all venues we need to get ourselves once lockdown restrictions ease.

Matter - London, UK

Our all-time favorite drum & bass residency, Hospitality, partied at Matter. Hospital Records is one of our greatest influences and they could not have picked a more perfect venue to host their events. The multi-room and level club with co-ed bathrooms and tons of bars was an organized free-for-all that sported fantastic sound systems, lights and screens. Our favorite night at Matter was celebrating Hospital Records’ one year anniversary of Hospitality where in one night alone we got to see High Contrast, London Elektricity, and Noisia with live performances from Nu:Tone & Logistics with Natalie Williams and our all-time favorite, Danny Byrd with Zarif and IK. We’ve never been the same since. We could almost say the rest is history.

Ushuaia Beach Hotel - Ibiza, Spain

It might be called a hotel, but if Ibiza had a main stage this venue would be it. We stayed in a room where we could watch the show from our balcony with the stage to our left and a view of the beach and ocean to our right. A musical paradise. The stage is a gorgeous hatch-shell with state-of-the-art sound, lights and screens set in front of the hotel’s main pool. Our balcony came with a color changing jacuzzi that we danced in as we partied to the music. It is safe to say that Ushuaia has created one of the most incredible venue experiences in the world. There is nothing quite like it. The musical energy of the island is absolutely electrifying and we’ve had the opportunity to catch some really special shows there including an Avicii one where he premiered his legendary album ‘True’ that we’ll never forget.

Webster Hall - New York, USA

A New York City landmark in history and partying. Webster Hall was built in the 1800s and is a cavernous venue that hosts a circus of 4 floors filled with top-of-the-line sounds systems, lights and screens with seemingly infinite rooms on every level that cater to every musical taste and preference. There is something for everyone which makes this club refreshingly inclusive rather than mundanely exclusive. Each floor is as eclectic as the people of the city itself. The two-story main ballroom dons a big stage with multiple bars on the ground floor and a u-shaped balcony with more bars. Bars are like Starbucks at Webster Hall, they’re at every corner. We’ve seen so many incredible shows at Webster Hall it would be easier to tell you who we haven’t seen here. With a long storied history, artists love to pick Webster Hall as their debut NYC show such as Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Excision, Netsky Live and Danny Byrd to name a few. In the city of clubs, there is no doubt the legend of Webster Hall will live forever.

Club Asia - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has such an incredible nightlife scene, but our favorite place is Club Asia in Shibuya. The energy inside this venue represents the Harajuku spirit to the fullest: young, energetic and unafraid. This venue might be the smallest one on our list with only one ground floor, but it also packs the strongest punch. With a great sound system, screens and lights that reflect off the disco ball hanging from the ceiling, people who come to Club Asia come to dance. The club also has one of the greatest residencies in the world with Flash featuring producer Yasutaka Nakata and vocalist Koshijima Toshiko as Capsule, one of our all-time favorites. The people of Tokyo definitely agree as it is the hardest club to get into when Capsule is playing. They say when in Paris see the Eiffel Tower, well when in Tokyo see Capsule at Club Asia. It’s absolute magic.

Encore Beach Club - Las Vegas, USA

There aren’t many venues where you can say they’re so much fun it doesn’t even matter who is playing, but Encore Beach Club is definitely one of them. The three-tiered club throws insane parties that embody the Vegas mantra of “go big or go home” and the venue keeps one-upping itself by always going bigger and better. This place goes wild for the night and day with the absolute best night and daytime pool parties. When it comes to the sound system, lights and screens, no expense is spared. Having experienced the water lounges, cabanas, and bungalows, we can honestly say partying here is like partying on the set of a movie all about partying. When people say, “last night was like a movie” they’re talking about a place like Encore Beach Club. With such high energy at all times, artists always bring it extra-hard when playing this club making it such a great time every time!

Kawaii’s debut track, 'Searching' is out now on Metro Recordings - Buy/stream

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