Toronto Is Broken unveils new album, with a banging first single

Drum and Bass | Friday 29th May 2020 | Arren

Toronto Is Broken has a new album coming, and it’s first single drops today.

Almost two years to the day since his last album; 'You Are (Not) Alone' landed on Viper Recordings, Toronto Is Broken releases 'Between Planes'  a banging records featuring Amy Kirkpatrick. It's the first single from his forthcoming album 'Clare', his most daring project yet.

Concluding the epic saga he began in his first album 'Section Nine' back in 2015, Toronto Is Broken has created an album which he describes as: "the journey of finding yourself again and growing up". It’s a multi-genre blending experience, using dancefloor drum & bass as the glue to bring it all together with a focus on balancing metal with drum & bass. It’s a hard skill and he admits: "I felt like I was learning to make music again for the first time". We think he’s cracked it, effortlessly dropping big room drum & bass bangers and flipping to mad metal breakdowns.

Taking influences from across his broad musical taste, and using all the skills he’s built on from day one, 'Clare' will be the pinnacle of it all. Listening to the tracks so far you can hear a clear maturity in his sound. Unafraid to experiment with different rhythms and styles, Toronto Is Broken is once again pushing the boundaries of his sound and bringing something fresh to the table. By ultising dancefloor drum & bass’ versatility he brings together musical worlds. He explains: "If you think of drum & bass on a spectrum, with neurofunk at one end, liquid the other, jump up another - dancefloor is bang in the middle. Working to that framework you can get inspirations from all different places and merge it together."

Dancefloor focussed drops hit hard with the album soaked in influences from metal and beyond, featuring acclaimed artists/vocalists as well as solo works. It’s an ambitious album where the balance works perfectly, making it truly standout as a body of work and not just a collection of tracks. Today he begins the countdown for the full release with the album’s debut single, 'Between Planes' landing on Toronto Is Broken’s YANA Music. Featuring the haunting vocals from Amy Kirkpatrick, it’s the perfect snapshot of the album. Expertly stirring up elements of grunge rock, techno and trip hop before a heavyweight drop which will satisfy even the most die hard drum & bass heads. Keep your eyes peeled for even more coming from Toronto Is Broken, you will not be left disappointed.

Toronto Is Broken’s first single 'Between Planes' from the upcoming album 'Clare' is out now on YANA Music - Buy/stream

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