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House | Tuesday 26th May 2020 | Arren

Mr C delves into his musical memory and shares his top 5 favourite events/clubs from around the world.

He’s one of the most prolific names in the game. He’s known for his huge back catalogue of tunes, co-running legendary club The End and for being the front man of The Shamen who were behind the iconic track 'Ebeneeze Goode'. He’s also been instrumental in pushing through new talents with his label Superfreq.

Now living in Los Angeles, he’s still at the forefront of the underground. His wealth of knowledge, passion and understanding still burns hard and he’s still busy as every with various projects including his FreqStream, the Wonkytonk collaboration with Radio Rental and his East LA Tek with Noel Jackson.

The FerqStream is a portal where streams procured by Mr C including upfront house, techno, acid and retro featuring special guest podcasts, Superfreq artist mixes and record reviews. Both collaborations mentioned have releases coming, Wonkytonk on May 29th and East LA Tek on May 31st.

Despite being super busy, Mr C has still found time to share his favourite clubs and events. With such a history and wealth experience, these can’t have been easy choices but are incredible. They’re all top pickings for events to get ourselves into once lockdown has been lifted.

Superfreq - Los Angeles, USA / London, UK

These events are mostly in Los Angeles & London but I also do one off Superfreq events all around the world. My last Superfreq event was our 18th Anniversary in a small 300 capacity studio space in London right before the COVID19 lockdown. Our crowd is like a family & have been coming to Superfreq for years. As our music policy is very advanced we have new younger party people being introduced to & joining the family all the time, even though we keep the promotion small & exclusive. My Radical Inclusion single has been a huge track at Superfreq since last summer.

Avant Gardner / Brooklyn Mirage - Brooklyn, USA

It’s a huge venue that caters for large open air events in the summer & indoor events in the winter. They book the world's most cutting edge DJs & best talent. The production & sound there are unreal. This is for me the best large club in the world. I play for Morgana there, which is an amazing Thursday night event that’s outside in the summer & inside in the winter. With all rooms open there's 4 big dance floors to choose from & a couple of small hideouts too. People like to party & have fun there and this tune has been big for me at Morgana.

Lost Beach Club - Montañita, Ecuador

Beach Clubs don’t get any better than this. Lost Beach Club is a multi dancefloor, multi functional space that is a dedicated House & Techno music club & the gem of South America. The main outdoor dancefloor holds at least 2000 people in front of the booth & another 1000 behind the booth. They have another 2 outdoor terraced dancefloors & the Cave for indoor after hours. The entire club is kitted out with Funktion 1 systems & sounds amazing. I’ve been doing Superfreq in this space for over 15 years with my friend Kami who owns the place & has turned from a small beach club into a Super Club. Think What Ibiza did with it’s clubs there between the 80s & 00s, only Lost Beach isn’t all about the money, it’s about the love of music. This was a big track last time I played there:

Express Warehouse - Dallas, USA

I do Superfreq there at least once a year, which has become a bit of a cult event. It’s a small 400+ capacity warehouse space but they won’t let more than 350 people in as they always want there to be space to really let loose. Corey & Bon Spengler who run the event space are both great DJs who are involved with the amazing Lotus Ranch camp at Burning Man. The vibe is real. When I play I usually have 2 DJs open up from 12am - 3am. I then play for 8-10 hours straight going through Techno, Acid, House, Disco, Fuck, Soul & Rock Steady Ska. It’s truly a magical experience, which bizarrely feels almost religious due to the amazing crowd of lovers. Going to choose a disco number for this one:

Panorama Bar / Berghain - Berlin, Germany

That club where mere mortals dread being in line due to their over-choosy door staff. I’ve never played in the larger Berghain room probably as they’re not aware of my harder techno sets, but I’ve played the upstairs Panorama Bar several times & always had a lot of fun. The sound isn’t as good as it should be otherwise it may have made it to number 1, which is sad for such an amazing space, but the sound does do the job. What is special is that as a DJ you can get really twisted in there & the crowd will journey with you. Every time I’ve played in the Panorama Bar it’s been special as I know a lot of people in Berlin who always come to support & have fun with me. It’s been a while but last time I played there this was a monster for me:

Wonkytonk's release 'Wonk' is out May 29th on SuperFreq including a Mr C remix - Buy

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