Guestlist | Playlist: Hervé

House | Tuesday 26th May 2020 | Arren

We’ve got a wicked selection of tunes from the legendary DJ/producer, Hervé.

You can’t have a conversation about bass-orientated music without mentioning Hervé. Over the years he’s been a prominent figure on the UK dance scene with stacks of original material, huge remixes of artists including Beyonce, The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers not to mention his countless collaborations. He's also a member of the wicked Machines Don't Care outfit and head honcho of the Cheap Thrills imprint, which over the years help break though huges acts including Fake Blood, Jack Beats and His Majesty Andre

He recently dropped his latest new collaboration, this time with house icons Armand Van Helden and Solardo. Entitled 'Power of Bass', it’s a cheeky little beat underpinned by soaring female vocals and a deep, punchy bass. Serious house vibes are a plenty, but watch for the flip where a heavy fidget-house influence comes into the mix. The track came out earlier this month on Ministry of Sound, and has seen big support already including Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1.

A proper banger which we haven’t stopped listening to since we first heard. Though what were we to expect when three artists of this calibre come together. Marking out the release, we’ve managed to bag a massive selection of records from Hervé where he shows us powerful bass tunes. Turn up your bass levels, as these tunes are bangers.

'Flat Beat' - Mr Oizo

A great wonky track who's bassline still tears the roof off. I was one of the 2 or 300 hundred people that actually bought the album,Analogue Worm Attacks that this was on.

'Sugar is Sweeter' (Armand Van Helden Remix) - CJ Bolland

Whilst helping invent speed garage, Armand created this remix with an unforgettable bassline. He certainly didn't forget it as he actually nicked it from another record! The greats steal they don’t borrow.

'Said The Spider' - Darqwan aka Oris Jay

A big influence on the early Speaker Junk, myself and Trevor Loveys sound. Wonky lfo breakbeat garage bass, laying down the foundations for dubstep and wobbly house. ahead of the pack!

'Way In My Brain' - SL2

A b-side from their first EP that for many overshadowed the lead track. Some heavy dubby bass vibes on this classic rave number.

'Windowlicker' - Aphex Twin

Aphex brings us a contorting, warping lead/bassline that is instantly recognisable, propelling this mid tempo electrocrunk banger straight to the dancefloor.

Hervé’s new track with Armand Van Helden & Solardo, 'Power of Bass' is out now on Ministry of Sound - Buy/steam

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