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Indie | Friday 22nd May 2020 | Arren

Cassia shared with us a great selection of tunes, perfect for relaxing in the sun with!

Manchester-born pop-driven indie group Cassia are on a roll right now. Today they release their latest single, 'Drifting' which follows a string of serious records from them this year. Their latest was premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 where she said: "love that, love all the vibes of their songs".

With one of the most festival-worthy, singalong choruses you’ll hear in a long time, 'Drifting' features delicately crafted clean guitar work, a warm funk-inspired bassline and versatile percussive stabs and drumming. The song foundations are the perfect platform for another euphoric vocal performance, with arena-sized hooks from the get-go.

On creating the track,they added: Drifting initially was written after I (Rob) watched the movie Interstellar last summer.We then started working it up together in March whilst we were all locked into our house.The dystopian storyline really grabbed me back then and it so happened that the lyrics suit what everyone is going through right now, which is really freaky. It’s a song about feeling like you’re drifting. Not having control over what’s happening, distance, daydreaming, growing up and learning for the better.

Celebrating the release of their latest track, Cassia have put us together a huge selection of tunes. Get these on and vibe out!

'Water No Get Enemy' - Fela Kuti

This was a song we initially stumbled across when first looking for some broader influences. We were just scratching the surface at this point but Fela Kuti is probably the first artist you’ll come across. It’s one of those tunes whereby the first few seconds has you hooked. We really took influence from the interesting percussive textures he uses and that sort of laid the foundations for what we want to achieve.

'Baiao Destemperado' - Barbatuques

When searching for reference tracks for the new tracks we ended up racking our brains back to the Joga Bonito adverts back in the day with the Brazilian footballers doing those mad skills. The flute sound in this track particularly influenced the sound we wanted to achieve for ‘Do Right’. That bosanova feel really makes you wanna put on your dancing shoes!

'Didn’t I' - Darondo

This was another track that we found ourselves referencing more than once! Particularly for the bass sound. We loved that fat warmth that you hear in this track. It makes it so listener friendly and super easy listening. I think that’s something we really took from this track and tried to implement into our sound.

'Money' - Michael Kiwanuka & Tom Misch

What a collaboration. I’ve listened to this track a lot lately. With Michael’s soothing vocal and Tom Misch's infectious disco funk sound, it just makes it a bop that you can listen to on repeat all day everyday. Especially in the sun. With a nice cold beverage.

'My People' - Jeremy Loops

When I was in South Africa over Christmas I had Jeremy’s song My People on repeat! It was also at his house that I wrote 'Do Right'. These new songs definitely reflect the experience of being out there out and about in Cape Town.

'New Estate' - Giant Rooks

These guys were our first big european tour support. I think the main influence we took from them was just how much they love what they do and that they give absolutely everything they have when they play live. Whether it be a 100 cap venue in Dresden or Columbia Theatre in Berlin, every single show is electric. And their tunes hit very hard…

'Love and Death' - Ebo Taylor

This has always been our hype tune before gigs. The enormous sounding horns we would blast up to full volume and that would usually get the adrenaline pumping. Similarly to Fela Kuti, we found Ebo Taylor whilst rummaging through a load of west african music. We love the way this track rolls seamlessly throughout with so many underlying textures and rhythms. Another feature we try and implement in our sound.

'Lady And Man' - Khruangbin

I think collectively we would agree they are one of our favourite bands. The laid back grooves supplied by the rhythm section are complemented so well by the mesmerizing lead guitar which sends you somewhere else every time you listen. With no vocalist, they achieve such a mood through their instrumental that it really doesn’t need it.

'Walking On The Moon' - The Police

A timeless classic. Again, one of those songs you never get tired of listening to. A relatively simple song but they really master using parts in the right way and not playing over one another. Everything has its own place and purpose and I think that’s something we’ve learnt from playing live a lot. The way they can create such a large sound with just 3 members is something we’ve admired a lot.

'Am I Wrong' - Anderson .Paak

For us, Anderson Paak is synonymous with being on tour.. We were first properly introduced to him by our sound engineer who would play ‘Malibu’ on repeat to get him through the long drives. I think lyrically he uses his words super cleverly and so I think Rob has certainly taken some influence from that. Also this track is such a bop when the horn riff comes in at the end. BOP BOP BOP.

Cassia’s latest track, Drifting is out now - Stream

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