Dillinja's Valve Recordings is back

Drum and Bass | Thursday 21st May 2020 | Arren

Dillinja’s iconic Valve Recordings returns, kicking off with a huge dubplate everyone’s been waiting for.

The iconic Valve Recordings makes its return on May 29th, breaking their silence with one of the biggest dubplates of recent years: Break's remix of 'Hard Noize'. A colossal remix of one of Dillinja’s 22 year old classics, setting the tone for a new run of releases that already has us salivating.

It should come as no surprise that Break absolutely smashed it, using his seemingly supernatural talents to slap this track back to the forefront of drum & bass whilst preserving many elements from the original such as it’s ominous opening and raw edge. On the flip side is another belter by Break, 'Tubes'. Inspired by the original Valve sound and featuring his signature bass wobbles and crystal clear production values, a killer b-side. You can pre-order the release here.

The 'Hard Noize' remix has been doing the rounds in the clubs for time now, with many top flight DJs laying it down in their sets. After ages ripping up the clubs we're so glad to see it finally getting released. We're promised this is just the beginning with many more tunes coming from a newly relaunched Valve Recordings including original works and remixes in the pipeline including a DJ Limited remix of 'It Ain’t Too Loud'.

Break’s 'Hard Noize' remix is out on May 29th on Valve Recordings - Pre-order

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