“I think the thought of people partying to my darkest thoughts is amusing.”

Thursday 14th May 2020 | Grace

During these bad times, sometimes all we want is a bit of pop culture that  reflects a little more on how we are really feeling. But also has a way of pulling us out of the dark just that bit, too. Well, with her authentic lyricism, punchy beats and catchy melodies, Fanny Anderson is back on the scene and her music is doing just that. Her new single ‘Wake Up’ is out today and we caught up with her to ask her about music, mental health and how she is dealing with the lock down.

You are from Norway, what was it like growing up there? How has it influenced your life as an adult?

I grew up in the capitol that is Oslo, a little bit outside the city central. It was very safe, as Oslo is a very safe city. I was never afraid walking around on my own as a kid, you know, after dark or anytime really. It never felt dangerous. I think that has made me a bit naive, thinking it is like that wherever I go. But it’s a beautiful city, with beautiful nature right outside the door and the ocean is a short drive.  I would say it has influenced me to be independent, to not be afraid, to be whoever i want to be.  

What is the pop music scene like in Norway? 

I feel like the pop scene in Oslo is incredible . Amazing music is coming from the Nordic at the moment, with huge pop acts like Sigrid, Astrid, Kygo, Aurora and I think it makes everyone aim for that level of great music. It makes an environment [that allows you] to be as expressive as you want, and to push forward to really make the best music you can. 

Tell us about your new track?

It’s a song I wrote in the UK sometime last year. I went straight from the airport to the studio and was really tired from waking up at 4 in the morning. But then Olly (Olly Burden from The Prodigy) played me this amazing pitched guitar sound that you can hear, and I immediately woke up. Pun not intended! I had  written down «I don’t want to wake up» on my notepad from sitting in the plain tiiiired as fuck that morning, and with that the song kinda came together. I am really excited about this song, as I think it’s very different from what I have realised before. And it really shows what kind of direction this EP is gonna be. 

Listen to Wake Up on Spotify here.  

You have a very poppy upbeat sound, but your lyrics are more on the sad and honest side. Why have decided to write your songs like this?

I’ve always had a thing for doing it that way. I don’t know why. I think the thought of people partying to my darkest thoughts is amusing. It also makes it less scary to write.  

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I think all the music I listen to influences the music I make. And the music I make has so much to do with how I’m feeling, and the same goes with the music I listen to. If I’m having a bad day I put on some really sad shit and I have to make some really sad shit, and vice versa. But to give a more concrete answer I would say I’ve always admired Frank Ocean, ever since I heard ‘Swim Good’ and the whole ‘Nostalgia’ album in 2011 he has been my absolute favourite. ‘Channel Orange’ is one of my all-time favourite albums ever. I love Tove Styrke’s stuff, I think she makes really, really good pop music. I think Tove Lo’s honesty in her lyrics is super inspiring.  

The track is about a time in your life when you felt really down. What is your advice to help those feeling this way themselves?

I would advise them to seek professional help. Everyone deals  with stuff differently, and to get someone who is dedicated and educated to help you is life-saving. I spent a lot of time trying to deal with my own stuff on my own for a long, long time, and it wasn’t until I went to a shrink I really felt like my life was changing for the better. 

How did you cope with working creatively and dealing with mental health problems?

I think it was key for me. Being able to express yourself, being so unfiltered and honest is liberating. It’s like my own little safe place, where I can admit all the stuff I maybe don’t admit to the people around me or even myself sometimes. 

As a society, what do you think we need to do to help others going through bad times with their mental health?

Being honest about it. Talk about it openly, and never being embarrassed about it. There is so much shame related to struggling with your mental health and I’m over it.  Life is hard. We all struggle, so let’s at least try and help each with being honest, you know? To start the conversation and make it less scary. 

What can we be doing to look after ourselves during this crappy time?

I’ve been making loads of food, been taking long walks and spending a lot of time with my family! 

You are working alongside a lot of new collaborators who have more of an electronic feel (Olly Burden from The Prodigy, Steve Western from Skrillex/Rudimental and Jamie Reynolds from The Klaxons), does this mean we will be hearing more of an electronic vibe from you in the future?

I would say both yes and no, as I feel all pop music is very electronic! But they’ve really pushed me to be more experimental with my sound and what kind of music I make, and i feel I’ve evolved a lot as a writer working with incredible musicians like them.  

Who would be your dream to work with?

Rex Orange County! He is my absolute fave at the moment. He’s last album is everything. 

What can we expect from you in the future in general?

New music baby!!! I’m so, so, so, so exited to finally release what I’ve been working on!!

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