Guestlist | Playlist: Pythius

Drum and Bass | Thursday 14th May 2020 | Arren

Pythius drops a savage selection of tunes for our latest playlist!

Since his breakout into drum & bass with his 'Abandon' EP on Blackout Music, Pythius and his tunes have shaken the industry to its very core. Since then he’s built on his unique sound, blending his musical loves from trance, techno, and metal into face-melting technical drum & bass - to much acclaim from DJs and fans alike. He’s also been responsible for literally destroying club and festival floors with his mad sets packed with energy levels so high, not even a teenager on ten cans on Monster could compete with. He recently returned to Blackout with another killer EP, 'Upheavel'. It’s four tracks of tech-fuelled insanity, hitting harder than Floyd Mayweather could ever dream of.

He opens with a big room smasher, Kepler. Featuring label bosses Black Sun Empire, it’s a tangled electro rinse out. Following up is the savage Auxiliary, with ominous bass tones and head rattling drum sequences. Following up is another collaboration, this time with Redpill. Together they cooked up the beastly Watch Me, filled to the brim with metal sequences, complete with a double kick drum, heavy guitar riffs and a screaming voice. I must admit I did double take to check I wasn’t listening to Children of Bodem, but then swaths of bass and a solid snare reminded me that it was another belter from Pythius. Closing off is a classic cut for trashing the floors, Dathomir with a truly epic soundscape flipping down to a head splitting beat. This EP bangs, and bangs hard.

Marking the EPs release, Pythius has selected ten massive records. From big room anthems, dark room head spinners and intense heavy hitters - this is a massive set of drum & bass. Down a mug of boiling black coffee, punch yourself in the face and smash these tunes out - maximum fun guaranteed.

'The Bane' - Telemetrik and Hyx

This track captured me all those years ago and it still does everytime I listen to it. Beautiful atmosphere and a drop that has the right amount of roughness and roll.

'Nowhere To Run' - Apex

Such a track! Definitely one of my favourite neuro tracks of all time. It just rolls on and destroys a dancefloor like no other!

'Collision' - Audio

A stomping yet thoroughly rolling track by Audio. A great example of tech dnb at its finest.

'Duuure' - Cooh

The lead riff of this one was stuck in my head for ages when this came out. Such an earworm!

'Timewarp' - Sub Focus

Talking about earworms! A true classic and it STILL works in the club!

'Disco Dodo' - Lynx

Such an alternative take on the whole drum & bass genre, but it’s such a good track, the groove and the weirdness made me fall in love with it instantly.

'Future Frame' - Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire where one of the first Drum & Bass acts I ever listened to and this track has always been special for me, the whole trancey vibe combined with reese basses and hard as nails drums is just insane!

'Seawolf' - Cause4Concern

And when talking about trancey dnb Cause4Concern can’t be left out, not sure which track I wanted to pick since they have so many great ones!

'Wishes' (Mindscape Remix) - Fourward

Mindscape hit the nail on its head with this remix! Such a VIBE, it can be played in the middle of a more mainstream set or in a heavy on tech set and it will work everytime!

'Unicorn MF' (Black Sun Empire Remix) - Eye-D

Another timeless remix, by Black Sun Empire, changing Eye-D's original track into something dark and twisted that no one was prepared for at that time. The rave stab gives me chills everytime.

Pythius’ latest EP, Upheaval is out now on Blackout Music - Buy/stream

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