Paddy Dennehy's newest track explores the innermost truth of human beings

Monday 4th May 2020 | Grace

Truly encapsulating modern folk-pop, Paddy Dennehy reflects on love, religion and life in his newest track ‘Feed The Full’. Anybody who is a fan of music such as Passenger, Ed Sheeran or Mumford and Sons has to check out this Cork-based Irish singer and his powerful song-writing skills.

Performing with a husky, yet, melodic voice, Dennehy’s latest track sets out to find the answers that we all ask about our innermost truth. To help satisfy these thoughts, the folk singer delves into his own life as well as looking at the lives of others. It is whilst listening to his specific style of song writing that it becomes clear Dennehy has a real skill of understanding the human character – something which he echoes in his full album ‘Little Light’.

In ‘Feed The Full’, however, Dennehy explores and scrutinises his displaced faith in God and heartbreak between lovers.

“The phrase ‘God is love’ appears in some iteration in most world religions. If God truly is love, does that mean when a person stops loving you, God doesn’t exist? Even before setting aside my own agnosticism, I realise that this is a huge leap to make, but thankfully I take some creative license when I write,” says Dennehy.

Having already played alongside a number of successful Irish folk-stars, the musician is well on his way to pop-folk success.

‘Feed The Full’ is available online now. Little Light is set to be released on 12th June 2020. Stay tune for more details. Follow Paddy Dennehy on Twitter and Instagram.