Guestlist | Playlist: Jack Mirror

Drum and Bass | Thursday 30th April 2020 | Arren

Jack Mirror supplies the soundtrack for your next quarantine party with a selection of big bassed madness.

We’ve bagged another big selection of tunes, this time from Viper’s own Jack Mirror. He recently dropped a hot new single with Hamburg based producer, Champion. Entitled 'Oculus', it’s an uplifting big room banger that’s sure to get you grinning from ear to ear. He opens with his signature dystopian vibes before swinging things up several gears for a prime time, floor trasher. 

It’s the latest release from Mirror, following up a range of quality records. It’s easy to see exactly why he was snapped up by Viper. Since making his debut with them last year with 'Assimilate' on their 2019 Annual, he’s continued to bring them the heat. This also marks the last release from Champion, wrapping up his time in drum & bass to focus on family life - and what a track to end with.

Celebrating the track's release, Jack Mirror sat himself down and sorted us a playlist packed with big party smashers. His selections are on point and will sure go down well on out speakers throughout this lockdown.

'Oculus' - Jack Mirror & Champion

An uplifting track from myself and Champion, really happy with how this one turned out. From the outset we wanted to create a moody cinematic soundscape in this track and build it to euphoric dance floor drop, the writing came together pretty quickly, getting the majority of musical elements and vocals written in a day. Finishing it was another story. Enjoy!

'Mumbai Power' - Skrillex feat. Beam

I love this track, flawless production (obviously) and a really creative arrangement. He takes very simple sounds and gives them so much energy, and those vocal chops are seriously cool. Love it.

'Higher Ground' - Delta Heavy & Muzz feat. Cammie Robinson

Dancefloor anthem from these guys. When Muzz first sent this to me I had on repeat for a while. Very infectious riff, and a great vocal performance from Cammie Robinson. Looking forward to hearing this one on a system when we can!

'Stay' - Franky Nuts feat. Katie Sky

I love Franky’s approach to Dubstep, I don’t listen to whole lot of Dubstep these days but the tracks that grab my attention tend to be his, and this one was no exception. He’s managed to mature and modernise that melodic style I used to love as a teenager getting into the genre with the likes of Subscape. Great vibe.

'Back In Time' - Kanine feat. A Little Sound

A great example of a producer who is putting in a lot of graft and really finessing their skillset. Generally known for his club focussed tunes, Back In Time takes a more restrained and melodic approach whilst still having a huge sonic presence. One of my favourite tracks this year.

'Your Pain' - Koven

Koven released a seminal album this year ‘Butterfly Effect’, there are so many tracks on there that would be fitting for a ‘Party tunes to get us through lockdown’ playlist, Katie’s emotive performances and writing paired with Max’s incredibly versatile production are a perfect combination.

'Guiding Light' - 1991

One of my favourite tracks from 2019. A few weeks before the release he shared a short video of him playing it live, that lead riff was stuck in my head for weeks, found myself humming it without realising. A proper ear worm.

'Ohrwurm' - Culture Shock

Another ear worm, or ‘Ohrwurm’. Going back a bit further into the archives for the last few. One of my early introductions to Culture Shock. I was working in a restaurant when I heard Annie Mac play this on Radio One, I was packing down the kitchen after a brutal shift and it really lifted my mood, i’ll never forget it. Such an infectious riff, great bouncy rhythm, just what we need.

'Splash' - Sub Focus feat. Coco

One of Sub Focus’ finest records in my opinion. It’s aged immensely well. I was obsessed with this when it came out, and regularly revisit it for countless listens on repeat still enjoying each listen as much as I did when it was new.

'Manta' - Bensley

In my opinion the most underrated producer in Drum & Bass. For a producer to carve such a distinct and well rounded style from such an early stage of their career is incredible, something that I’ve always admired him for doing. Again, much like the other tracks on this list, I found myself listening to this a lot on repeat so had to include it. He’s got a lot of great music in the works…keep an eye out!

Jack Mirror’s latest track with Champion, NAME is out now on Viper Recordings - Buy/stream

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