Mark Knight's 'If It's Love' video has all the positivity we need right now

House | Thursday 30th April 2020 | Arren

Mark Knight’s crowd-sourced video is full of the feel good vibes we all need right now.

Mark Knight’s summer hit, 'If It’s Love', featuring Laura Davie and The Melody Men dropped at the tail of last month, and now it has the perfect video to suit the times. Featuring 165 submissions from across the UK, Europe, Canada and the US, it features Toolroom staff, relatives, artists and fans living it up to this instant classic. Dancing, lip syncing and all round positive vibes - this video has all the feel-good energy we need right now.

The track itself is yet another masterclass lesson in house. Joyous in nature, it throws back to the classic house sound in the 90s where vocals were at the heart and pianos were king but has all the solid production values of today - making this track a timeless piece of music. Honestly, we cannot stop listening to this one!

Delivering those incredible vocals is Laura Davie & The Melody Men. Davie is part of the House Gospel Choir, and they’ve been very busy over the last six years with awe-inspiring how around the world and working alongside huge artists including Stormzy, The Kooks and Annie Mac. Helping Davie is the vocal's department is The Melody Men, a trio of massively talented women who’ve previously worked alongside Kideko, Mason and Tough Love. Finally bringing his talents to the fray is Davos, a renowned keys player who’s quickly risen to fame with his online viral clips playing 90s classics.

Speaking on the track, Mark Knight said: "To say working with Laura Davie from the House Gospel Choir and the Melody Men Dy, Amy and Lou was a dream could be the understatement of the year. We instantly clicked and were passionate about the same musical points of reference. Throw in Davos on keys and BOOM you have the dream team! Let's make 2020 the year they refer to as the year songs came back."

Together they’ve fixed up an absolutely incredible song. It’s reminiscent of the past but perfectly suited to the dance floors of today. It’s impossible to not throw your hands up in the air once it gets going, don’t believe just watch the guys in the video below.

Mark Knight's latest tune 'If It’s Love', featuring Laura Davie and The Melody Men is out now on Toolroom Records - Buy/stream

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